How to help someone with depression With Mindfulness

Help someone with depression with mindfulness

If you are wondering how to help someone with depression, the volume that I present in this post will serve great help.


Whether you are a family member, friend, psychologist, coach or therapist, or you’re going through a depression, in helping someone with depression, cognitive therapy based on mindfulness for depression can be a good way to solve.


“Cognitive therapy based on mindfulness for depression” Several authors Editorial Kairos

On the way to help someone with depression, this book is a new revision of a classic in the field, will provide very good instructionsorder to overcome this “black cloud” or called San Juan de la Cruz ” the dark night of the soul “ or to help someone with depression to get out of it.

In this great work with a foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn, written by Zindel V.Segal, Mark G. Williams and John D. Teasdale, route of solution for the treatment of depression is handled, is different from that traditionally , psychology has been developing.

The paradigm shift is already evident in the prologue, when it comes to talk about the relationship between who helps out of depression and who is in the struggle to leave the black tunnel, it is said that “the hallmark of a class of Cognitive Therapy Based on Mindfulness (TCBMs) , in fact, is the respect and cordiality with which, even for the sake of attending, treat participants, more like guests than as patients “ , to indicate then that ” the people are only able to recognize early, in the future, difficult situations and address them appropriately when they learn to take a different attitude toward the battlefield of your thoughts and feelings. “

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And it is that when helping someone with depression, one of the fundamental aspects underlying this therapy based on mindfulness practice is the concept of “acceptance without resignation”.

The book is not a simple book far and hence his greatness and usefulness. We’re not talking about a manual for survival against depression or a book to expose some ideas on how to help someone with depression or how you can get out who is living the hard process.

“Cognitive therapy based on mindfulness for depression” is an all manual header, serious, deep and greatly worked that offers very good guidelines from the point of view of working mindfulness or mindfulness.

We are talking about more than 600 pages divided into three parts, an epilogue, references and a CD including book tours for work to help someone with depression meditations.

The book also includes a link to a website where you can download materials such as forms and worksheets.

It is strongly recommended a book for companions, psychologists, therapists, consultants … in short, all kinds of health professionals and psychological help, but it can be for anyone who is going through a depression.

“The challenge of depression”, “Cognitive therapy based on mindfulness” and “Evaluation and dissemination” are the three parts of this great work that I recommend.

This is a very good book that face to complete or expand, referring also can have the following books to help you on the job to help someone with depression.

– “The practice of mindfulness” and “Living Full Catastrophe” by John Kabatt-Zinn

– “The Stormy Search of Being” and “The healing power of crises ” by Stanislav Grof and Christina

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-“Moods. Learning Serenity “Christophe André

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