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Why do so many people do Bikram Hot Yoga?

Why do so many people do Bikram Hot Yoga? 5

Reasons to do hot yoga

‘How you are in the process is more important than how far you go.’

Hot yoga is a popular style of hatha yoga that works both powerfully and healingly. Introduced in the 70s in America by Bikram Choudhury, according to the Bishnu Goh yoga line, hot yoga can now be followed on a large scale in studios around the world.

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Why do so many people do Bikram Hot Yoga? 6


Whether you practice the original 26-poses of hot yoga or variations from that series, hot yoga will have a powerful effect on your life.

What are the main advantages:

  1. Less chance of injury.

The heat (37-39.30 ° C) relaxes the body. Relaxation of the muscles and tissues not only enhances the scope of the movement, but the heat enables us to get deeper into the poses in a safe way. Increased attention helps us to come to the edges of our possibilities. Not too much and not too little to do, just right.

  1. Healing.

Regular practice of yoga under the guidance of a qualified teacher is therapeutic, and the repetition of poses, even those that we do not easily find, will have a beneficial effect on the ‘mechanics of the body’. This form of yoga works deeper on the internal organs, stimulates our metabolism and balances our hormones.

Why do so many people do Bikram Hot Yoga? 7

By stretching and compressing the muscles, then releasing them, we temporarily reduce the blood supply and then let it flow back in the same area, so that impurities can be cleared and the oxygen supply is increased. The heat also helps us to stabilize and certain wounds can heal better. Moving the affected parts of the body helps to promote recovery.

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  1. Strengthening the heart.

Your heart has to work harder in the heat, the venous return of the blood to the heart is stimulated and more oxygen-rich blood is pumped through the body. Blood vessels and capillaries expand, allowing blood to reach areas that are more oxygen-damaged. This happens faster and more effectively. Yoga breathing lowers blood pressure and calms the nervous system, the heart and airways are strengthened.

  1. Focus.

The action-oriented speech and the style of teaching in hot yoga, with direct, verbal instructions, in combination with the heat, ensures that your focus is better. You are only concerned with one thing and you do that with 100% attention. You have to! You learn to minimize movement between poses to save energy and to focus on the essential elements of yoga: breathing, concentration, your body. By concentrating on your breathing, listening to the instructions of the teacher and by focusing on the signals from your body, you are mindfull busy with the slow execution of the poses. By carrying out the exercises in this way, you are, sometimes busy, spirit calmed. By exercising repeatedly you become more balanced and calmer. You will find that it becomes easier, even in your everyday life, to be more in the present.

  1. Purification.

An element of hot yoga that is often forgotten is the purifying aspect of sweating in the heat. Our body sweats to cool. But this is also felt on a psychological level when we perform mindfully powerful hot yoga exercises. The class ends with Savasana, the longest pose in the series, where you take the lesson in total relaxation and turn your senses inwards. At the end of the lesson, you leave the room literally and figuratively quietly, and you can wash your sweat if desired. It is learning to leave the past behind you as your body and mind transform. With a hot yoga glow on your skin, fresh, strengthened and renewed. Your own purifying fire, the attention to yourself and your process and the warmth you have cleansed and you feel and radiate.

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