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Which type of yoga do you do and why?

Which type of yoga do you do and why? 3

Here you can find some of the yoga poses which gives more benefits.

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Which type of yoga do you do and why? 4


Exercise 1: The lying eagle

  1. Go into a lying eagle (Garudasana) – if it does not work with the winding, you can simply cross arms and legs!
  2. Bring your elbows and knees together in the middle by tensing your abdominal muscles tight. Inhale during contraction and relax deeply.
  3. 10 reps, then change arms and legs and on the other side again!

Exercise 2: The one-legged dog

  1. Get into a down-looking dog and stretch one leg towards the sky
  2. Shift your weight forward and bring your knee to your nose. Keep your pelvis parallel to the ground.
  3. 5 repetitions per page

Exercise 3: Yogi crunches with straight legs

  1. Tighten your legs, squeeze the heels lightly and into the ground and keep your pelvis firmly pressed into the ground.
  2. Lift your shoulders off the ground and pulsate with your fingertips toward your toes. Always exhale with the contraction!
  3. Throb 20 times, then relax and give some weight to your abs with a little massage
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Exercise 5: The lying butterfly
  1. Start in the lying butterfly (Baddha Konasana) with your arms stretched behind you. Your legs should stay relaxed during this exercise.
  2. Take a deep breath and exhale, let yourself be lifted from your arms forward towards the tips of your toes. Hold briefly, exhale while relaxing.
  3. 10 repetitions
  1. Back to the down-looking dog, breathe deeply, and repeat on the other side
  2. The whole 5 times per page!

Exercise 7: The one-armed dog

  1. Start again in the dog looking down. Lift one arm off the ground and reach forward by shifting your weight forward, then with your hand behind you, moving your weight backwards.
  2. 10 repetitions per page 
Exercise 8: Yogi folding knife
  1. Start in a lying position. Firmly tighten the abdominal muscles and extend your spine, leaving no gaps between your back and the floor.
  2. Exhale and bring knees to chest and elbows to knees. When extending, breathe in and stretch out arms and legs without touching the ground! 
  3. 10 repetitions
Exercise 9: Cat Vinyasa
  1. Start in the down-looking dog. Form a round spine and shift your weight forward, then come back into the dog looking down by extending your spine with the tailbone (bend your knees!).
  2. Find a flowing transition between the poses
  3. Repeat as often as it feels good and like to incorporate a change of direction! This exercise is perfect for warming up – and one of Irene’s absolute favorite exercises !
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