Laura Silva Teaches You How to Visualize

Laura Silva

In the following video Laura Silva teaches you some basic concepts you learn to visualize how we teach in the course of Guided Meditation Silva Method. Below you can also put into practice what you learned, using your new powers display in the ” Technical Mental Screen .”

“Mental Screen technique”

Begins closing your eyelids and turn your eyes upward from horizontal at an angle of approximately 20 degrees.

Imagine a big screen in front of you. Use your imagination to locate your screen away and out of you.

That imaginary space is where you will project images of things you want to remember, express, obtain or create.

When you project images on your screen using your imagination tries to make them as clear as possible, things colorful, action, exaggerated in size or number, and fun prints. By doing this, the impressions in your mind are stronger and easier to remember.

The easiest way to understand how to use the “mental screen” is through an example:

Step # 1: Say you want to memorize a list of names, objects, or numbers. Using your mental screen, what you do is to project somewhere that is familiar (your home for example).

Step # 2: Then you go to display the objects within your home as chairs, furniture, some painting, etc. and use them as keys to remember.

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Step # 3: Imagine entering your home, walking to the key painting, then to the dining room chair after that is the picture of the family, then the sculpture that you really like, etc. This should be very simple since all these things you are very familiar and easy to remember.

Each of these objects are going to relate to those things you want to remember. If a shopping list, for example, imagine that the key painting is the first item on the shopping list, wheelchair is the second article in the photo is the third article and so on until you have all related articles each key on your mental screen object.

Remember to use your imagination to make the most exaggerated and fun mental projections as possible.

When you want to remember the objects, all you have to do is take a deep breath and make the journey in your mind in a natural and relaxed manner.

You will be surprised how easy it can remember things using this method, because your mind is incredibly good at making associations between the known with the unknown.

When you want to store other things you can repeat the process again changing the old things new. Your brain has an almost unlimited capacity to store information. All you had to have is a way how to use it. These and other techniques are those that teach daily in the Silva Method, here you can read more about the program.

There you have the mental screen. How do you use? We are sure that you will serve, tell us.

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