How to learn to meditate

How to learn to meditate 3

Silva Method and Intuition

Day by day more people want undertaken in the world of meditation, to improve their lives, but still disbelieve to learn alone. Need to begin to assess how important you do not have queir “yes or yes” to face classes if you want to know how to learn to meditate. That’s why we found this note and special for you so that you learn to meditate in your own home.

Learning to meditate

Having made the  decision to meditate , we need to  choose a place  in our house, you should always be  the same , because if we assign a place for meditation , when we are in it, they will come to us associated multitude of feelings that we have been getting in our previous meditations. This place should be  a quiet place , dondenadie can disturb us for a few minutes and should be as  quiet as  possible, because the fewer distractions, the better it will be to get into the  meditative state .

Meditation is best performed with  comfortable clothes , especially at first, until you get used to our body to be in the  position of meditation . For starters we can put  soothing music , there are many disks ready for meditation. Nor is it advisable to get used to always meditate with music, and that eventually what we want is to enter the meditative state without much preparation; but hey, come slowly, everything takes time.

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learn to meditate at home

Frankincense  also helps achieve meditative state, so it is advisable to put one during our session.

If possible, especially in the beginning it is advisable to carry out  guided meditations monitor , not only because it will advise you on all questions you may have, but because  at first often make mistakes  that we must correct as soon as possible. On the other hand the  group meditation is different from the individual meditation , it is usually easier to get into meditation when we are in a group, since the vibration generated between all facilitates access to state

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