Learn to detect the negative energies to Which you are connected

Learn to detect the negative energies to which you are connected 3

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We establish all connection lines with different energies of the universe. These energies have to do with our mood, but also with as profound elements as our spiritual beliefs.

It is important to detect which of these lines of negative energies you are hurting because of it properly will depend on your success in life, in relationships with others and your evolution as a person.

 How to know if there are negative energies in you?

These are the most common symptoms that are being exposed to negative energies . You must learn to identify them to stop them before they go to more:

  • Exhaustion, headaches or muscle problems
  • Changes in mood, with bursts of anger or crying
  • Loss of concentration and difficulty performing everyday tasks
  • Difficulty communicating and expressing feelings
  • negative thoughts about yourself or those you love
  • Depression, anxiety, feelings of profound sadness continued without reason

How to detect the source of negative energies?

There are two main causes of origin of negative energies:

  • Ourselves . Thoughts like “I am not able”, “I do not deserve this person” or “look how ugly I look in the mirror” are symptoms that are producing negative energy against ourselves. We are spiritually unbalanced and we must work within to achieve balance.
  • Calls toxic people . Let’s call them so because it is the buzzword in psychology. It is people with negative feelings that come to you as if they were friends, but you really just want to harm your spirit with its black energy.
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6 Ways to eliminate negative energies and replace them with positive energy


Now you know what the are negative energies that keep you from being happy and grow spiritually. Meditate on them, think how you got to make those connections, how you let come into you and how you have allowed to grow feeding your spirit to achieve the damage you cause you ‘re suffering.

Imagine what your life would be without those negative energies into it. Visualize yourself being happy , full of positive energy and spiritual strength and feel you can get get there.


It’s time to take charge of your life and energies in you. For that you’ll have to close doors and perhaps outrun anyone.

It ‘s not an easy road, especially because some things are impossible to completely eliminate them from your life, but you can always override the power that you have given on you. For example, if there is a toxic person in your life that you can not help, you need to learn to not let it affect you.

spiritual guides

Do not forget you do not have to make this journey alone. Your spiritual guides can help you. Just open the door so they can get into your heart and, through meditation, listen to their advice.


Gradually, you go replacing all that negative energy that harbored within you and you were blocked by positive feelings. Anger, rage and hatred give way to love ; jealousy to trust ; feelings of not being valued self – love and self – esteem

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According to these positive energies have more room in your spirit you go feeling like you regenerate, like you’re becoming a happier, more fulfilling new person, who enjoys more than all the pleasures of life and the people he has chosen live.


The last step in this process is the complete spiritual healing once we have left out of our lives negative connections we had established. But we must not neglect, because if we do, it ‘s easy to re-establish them and hurt us again.

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