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Why do yoginis give birth easier?

Yoga for pregnant women in recent years is gaining popularity. To date, the majority of women, waiting child, prefer to go to yoga, rather than on courses for pregnant women. Their choice is rational and completely justified. Yoga for pregnant women – this is not a fashion trend, and the correct approach to the physical and psychological state. However, remember that yoga is best to begin to engage at least six months before pregnancy and continue to engage in a few months after birth. If you could not learn yoga before pregnancy, no problem: yoga for pregnant women does not involve heavy loads and heavy stretch marks.

The main advantages of yoga for pregnant women

  • Yoga provides you with tranquility throughout pregnancy.
    It is no secret that pregnant women are more susceptible to problems. This is reflected in tearfulness, irritability, restlessness. In this yoga helps to overcome various fears and complexes. It teaches women to be balanced, confident. Yoga wards off unnecessary thoughts. Pregnant woman doing yoga, realize that thoughts are material, and therefore, it is necessary to clean the brain from thinking, which can be harmful. The head can come any thought, bearing both good and evil. Therefore, thought should be filtered and unnecessary immediately sift.

  • Yoga prepares your body for childbirth.
    Yoga exercises for pregnant women aimed at the disclosure of the pelvis, which in turn facilitates the pain during childbirth. In addition, special breathing exercises that practiced yoga classes, help with pain during labor. In practice, under the supervision of an experienced instructor you is working postures that help reduce pain, swelling in the lower extremities and regulate changes in weight. During pregnancy the body are significant hormonal changes. Yoga helps to stabilize hormones in the female body, which will help minimize morning sickness and regulate weight gain.

  • Yoga teaches you to communicate with your baby on a mental level.
    During pregnancy, the importance of meditation practice: through regular meditation expectant mother is able to establish real contact with her baby.
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Almost all yoga studios organize special classes for pregnant women.
It is recommended to choose a female instructor, who have been specially trained in the yoga course for pregnant women, who teaches yoga as an instructor for at least 5 years old, who bore at least one child. In addition, it is recommended to buy the specialized literature and video materials that explain certain exercises specifically designed for expectant mothers.

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Yoga for pregnant women

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