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How powerful is meditation?

How powerful is meditation? 1

Meditation will help you succeed in life, business, sports and personal relationships.

You do not need to be a scientist to understand one simple fact: the daily practice of meditation or conscious work on breathing will only benefit you. However, let’s understand, what is the specific benefit of meditation? Recently, we have already talked about its benefits in this article , and now we will look in detail at all the advantages of meditation.

For me, the first practice of meditation was hard. I sat motionless for three minutes, and instead of feeling light, calming, I experienced the feeling that it was all a waste of time . I was bored. I began to get angry. It seemed that all this did not make sense. All this was very difficult.

Moreover, no one really taught me the right technique, in order to relax my mind. However, at that moment I thought: “Meditation has existed for a very long time. It is unlikely that it would last so long if it were useless. I must overcome myself. I must continue. ”

Slowly but surely I tried to understand the essence of meditation, practiced it daily and … After a while, I noticed positive changes in my life. Now I’m grateful to her.

Now I will tell you about the most significant benefits of meditation. I’m sure this will add to your additional motivation .

1. It makes me feel full of energy

From the very childhood I was a pretty hyper active child. I remain so and now. However, one needs not only to have a good supply of energy, but also to channel it into the right direction. Meditation helps and energizes, and focuses on the most productive way of using it.

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2. Helps clarify the mind

The practice of self-awareness helps me to free my thoughts, to look at myself from the outside, helps to get rid of the negative , directs thoughts into a positive channel. I feel that my mind is clear and pure.

3.Meditation improves health

Of course, it is quite natural that by practicing meditative techniques, you will be able to improve your physical condition . Daily classes, which take only 20-30 minutes, help to better understand your body, improve your overall physical condition. I feel the energy that is born in me , which I’m trying to spend to accomplish new things, to create new projects. This is the energy of life.

4. Improving your personal life

Since I began to meditate, I began to better understand my wife, my friends. In my head everything seemed to fall apart.

In addition, now my attitude to the conflicts has changed. The outbreak of anger broke out , and I began to feel more at ease about this.

5.Improving sports performance

I like to play football – this is one of my hobbies. And I would not include the item about sports in this article, if my athletic performance did not improve after the beginning of the practice of meditation. Believe me, this really affects everything!

6. Improving the entrepreneur’s thinking

Now I can think wider and farther. Yes, I understand, this phrase is too blurry, however, this can not be described in any words. My thinking seemed to have wings. I began to better navigate the business space, began to better plan the development of my project.

7. Increased Creativity

Now new business ideas began to come to me more often, I became much more creative and inventive.

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8. I became happy!

Yes, I decided to single out this as a separate, last item, as a general characteristic of the benefits of meditation. Yes, you will become much happier , believe me. You will be more calm, confident . Life will acquire new colors, become more saturated and interesting.

Of course, many can say: “Yes, all these improvements and achievements do not owe their existence to just meditation!” And I will say this: meditation helps you to become happier, helps you achieve your goals . Therefore, if you want to succeed , be sure to take this ancient practice. Believe me, most successful people will tell you that meditation is a good habit.

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