Answer to a yoga teacher

About two months before giving my first yoga class “formal”, ie, that is not just my family and close friends, a teacher of yoga of the great family of MindYoga4U, I wondered what to do to be a good teacher yoga, she felt lost. Today, after a while where I already have “collided with the truth,” I reread my answer and I’m glad to see that not only remain in words what one day I thought. Although there are things to add, that could not learn without practice …

Yoga class in Denia
Yoga class in Denia

I answered him at the time to yoga teacher

Dear friend,

Thank you for writing, and for sharing your concerns, they also make me grow.

I think to be yoga instructor should convey the main thing is love.
People notice you’re there for them, listen to them , you love them . This will make a big difference in your life and that of your students, because it is something that we all need and not all offer.

Be “earthly”, talks about the problems of everyday life
, and give them a spiritual solution. Learn to observe, to be aware, to live in the here and now. Ask for help when needed and that cleared the ego, so often traps us.

Be creative.
Different theme each yoga class can be a good idea. You do not have to talk much, just enough to go home with a smile, with a solution, with some inspiration.

Perhaps at first these things cost you, but you’ll see that gradually you will come natural.
Everyone, by nature, are made of love:) In

addition, you need to
read books, to follow several people who share sequences, meditations, breathing techniques. Always good to have inspiration for this path, new ideas. And if at all possible, is still a student, still taking classes, beginner and feel, as if it were your first time. That will make you closer to your students.

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Anything else I can help you, here I am.

I hope that you will convey much love and happiness to all the people who come to you.

A hug of light for you.


loose ideas that would add now

After a teaching yoga in Denia time, I feel that these other things add to the above list:

  • No matter how lost you feel, your students can be your guide. Be aware of what you convey, they are a great source of inspiration, know where to shoot.
  • Focus on the good you’re doing, you make you happy and feel safer. A smile at the end of the class, a word or even an email, a hug … Try to catch any sign of gratitude. Even if you do things without expecting anything in return, it is gratifying to note those answers.
  • And again I go back to the first, open yourself to give and receive love.

Answers community Yoagesmas

I leave the answers that some people wrote when I first published my response on Facebook.

Angel: You touched excellence with the answer, Nay friend, very good. I hope more people do the same, not only about being “good” teacher of Yoga, but as far as being “good” in whatever we do. And be good at it, does not mean “be the best”, but to serve, SERVE !!!

Maria Soledad: First of all humility and have open heart and mind, to show you as you are not wanting to pretend otherwise and feel always student, every day we learn something and your students teach you more than what you may have learned in books.

If you put love and dedication in what you do, things come alone.

A hug world.

Casilda: Be yourself, you will go closer to people who need what you give. Sit down to meditate every day, and let it flow into your forms the essence. Remember that we are a tool of life itself.

Susy: Open your heart and let it flow the essence of being, love, wisdom, and will perfect union of yoga philosophy, a smile, a look, a hug, a NAMASTÉ I am you and you are me vibrating in the same energy of love

Nory: If I think like you, the most important pass from love, contain, and be open, every day is still learning humility in what he gives and receives. Thank you.

Karina: a flowing feeling, creates a round trip … and relax.

Hector: You feel your peace and love.

Ricardo: Strongly agree: humility, service and connection to be here and now. The rest comes only. But steady work important. As pointed Casilda and Sergio are right: meditation, meditation and meditation.

Claudia: Just like that … .. is allowed to flow and so will our essence … when you look in the eyes your students love … everything flows. It shows you the way. Namaste

Emelina: that is, to remain a student and never stop learning, develop HUMILITY LEARNING.

And you, what would you add?

Being a yoga teacher for me is a magical experience. Each class is live differently, each student who attends brings you, just by his presence, a different experience. If you are a teacher of yoga, I’d love it if you have any advice further ado’d let a comment.

A big hug for everyone, and especially for my students, both taught me.