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Very good, love …

Do you feel a little sick today?
Are you looking to get out of bed without looking like a lizard
????? Well , I am very glad you’ve come this far and you Plant√©es yoga as an option to relieve colds and feel better.

One of the Sutras of Patanjali Yoga says:

“The obstacles to the realization (of yoga) are: illness, mental apathy, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, laziness, attachment to pleasure, illusion, inability to practice and stay focused and restlessness of mind caused by distractions. “

You see, the disease tops this list of obstacles to the realization (or liberation from suffering, arouse, be happy or whatever you want to call this goal of yoga). Therefore regular practice helps a lot to boost the immune system to not get sick and to continue steadily on this path. In addition, also with practice we will be more aware of our body, helping us to know what to do when we do not feel good. Maybe it’s time to stop the hustle of daily life, may you rest your body craves, stay in bed, relax. May even ask you do yoga … You have to listen to the body, connect with your needs (not their desires) and thus help you recover better.

Connecting to the needs of your body

For, breathe deeply and feel your body … Do you feel hard to make a practice of yoga postures that will help you be better?

In that case, here I leave a sequence that will come in
very well. But before I tell you that if you’d rather not do the full practice of all positions is perfect. You can make the positions of the first line and the last. And if you prefer to do a breathing exercise or relaxation then it goes to the next part of the article.

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Yoga to relieve colds and feel better

In this sequence you can see some inverted postures, as they are very useful for increasing the circulation of the lymphatic system, which is responsible for the production and circulation of immune cells to defend the body against viruses and bacteria.

I suggest you go very slowly between posture and stance.
You enjoy being there, feeling the body, accepting your current health status and knowing that you’re doing the best you can do now to recover, and that you are enjoying the journey.

Meditate, relax and breathe consciously

This is an option you can do in addition to the practice of previous positions, or can do alone, if you do not feel much in the mood to move the body now.

For meditation it is preferable that’re sitting you’re lying to avoid falling asleep or drowsy states. So sit in a comfortable place, cross if at all possible legs and hips higher than the knees (put a cushion under the buttocks if you need to raise your hips and knees down).

Starts paying attention to breathing. Feel the air entering your nostrils and the air coming out … feel the rush of air passing through the nasal cavity … feel the temperature of the breath: cooler by breathing, hotter as you exhale … And with this awareness breathing remains about 5 minutes. Then stay there, breathing, simply silence … They’ll come thoughts. When you see that your mind goes behind some with kindness and love turn your attention to the breath that has become softer, slower and deeper … you stand 5 minutes, or the time you want …

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When finished, again observe your body and feel if you want to lie down to sleep for a while or if you want to get up and walk a little.

A good diet will also help you

Suggested food in yoga can also help prevent and cure colds. The emphasis of the diet is whole grains, fruits, vegetables, contributing naturally to the body proper nutrition and plenty of antioxidants that the immune system needs to function optimally. Yogic diet is also naturally free or low sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

Natural cold remedies

In this link you have 14 natural remedies to relieve cold.

Another natural way is the use of Jala Neti is nasal cleansing technique that helps in relieving cough, cold and the effects of sinusitis. This ancient technique uses warm salt water to clean accumulated in the nasal passage mucus. Once the passage is clean, it is less prone to infection. I do it every morning and I feel great!

Yoga to relieve the cold and feel better - MindYoga4U 3
This was the first time I used the neti. India 2015.

You can see netis ceramic and plastic netis here.

What do you say this is wanting cold?

Well, since we’re inside, we’ll keep digging. It is possible that this disease will be wanting to say something and you have not seen yet. I leave here some possible causes, resonate and if you want to look.

Here I leave a summary extracted Biodescodificación Dictionary.

Conflict : Notion of concern, lived with intrusion.
Resenting : “Something stinks” “There are threats in the air.”. “Something I really dislike someone or I’m cold.” “I want to separate myself from the smell, to be more in touch with me.”

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When we suffer some kind of flu, colds, flu, it often happens that some situation of our life, we swollen noses (metaphorically) and we are producing anger (mental conflict) and that anger is just manifested in our body. Mental conflict as a disappointment causes weakening of the immune system and therefore more likely to get sick.

Chronic conflict is rising to the surface. It is a way for your body to purify, releasing chemicals from food, drink, air, etc. Take the opportunity to rest and let your body regenerate.

There are emotional issues that must be eliminated. Conflict between what we think and what we feel.


Everything happens for a reason. Perhaps this is your time to rest. Give yourself permission to do so, to relax and return to peace. Connect with clarity and harmony within you and around you and trust that all is well.

Remember that without a healthy body, it is difficult to concentrate to do what makes sense for you, at this point in your life. Be compassionate with you, enjoying the way and appreciates this opportunity to stop and watch.

A hug of light,