7 yoga postures That will alleviate the problems of the neck and neck

Several people have asked me about specific postures to relieve such ailments, and of course I thought of them when I saw this article I share with you today.

The source is here in English, from which we
also took photos.

In the article the author tells how after an accident horrible traffic that caused serious injuries to the cervical and neck, and other significant injuries, says that undoubtedly yoga has been the key to relieving pain, and even remove hernias caused.

So to relieve pain at any time, here are these yoga postures that allow you to relax all areas surrounding the neck and make you feel more open and less tense.

Possible emotional and mental causes

Before continuing, I would like to share with you the possible emotional and mental causes that can cause neck pain. You may feel identified with something that says here and you can go easily to the cause and confront her face him.

According to Lisa Bourbeau in dictionary biodescodificación, emotional block has to do with the neck is one of the flexible parts of the body, every problem in it denotes inflexibility in the person who has it. This person does not want to face a situation that can not control as he pleased. He is afraid to see or hear what happens to her back, just as the stiff neck prevents him from turning his head back. As the situation does not mind, but actually feel many emotions.

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On the mental block tells us that the presence of this condition tells you that the reason why you do not want to face the situation is not good for you. This mental attitude takes you to get stiff and does not help you find a solution. If you’re afraid of what might happen to your back, realize that this fear is figment of your imagination, not reality. I suggest you talk to the person or persons involved and at the same time express what you think and what you fear. For more information, see if your neck stiffness prevents you move your head to say yes or no. If you move it is difficult to say yes, why you tell someone you prevent a given situation or is invalid. Discover the fear that keeps you from saying yes. I suggest that after you verify with the related person if your fear is really justified. In short, if the pain prevents you say yes, your body tells you that the best thing for you is say yes. It tells you that your stubbornness, your inflexibility hurts you more than it helps you in the situation you live. If it is not difficult for you, follow the same procedure.

7 yoga poses to help with the problems of cervical and neck

First I’ll leave you a video and then have the positions below, so you can choose which one is the way that best comes to you now.

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7 yoga postures that will alleviate the problems of the neck and neck 9

And here I leave the pictures with his explanation step by step.

1. Open shoulders with the help of a block

yoga postures to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga posture 1: Open shoulders with the help of a block

From the kneeling position, place the block in
front of you, the distance of the width of two blocks, and put his elbows on it.

Hands pressed together in prayer position, and then relaxes the head.

It remains in the position at least 10 deep breaths.

2. The fish with support

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga posture 2: The fish with support

In the sitting position, place a block in middle or high up behind you, below the shoulder blades, and put another block in the distance where drop your head as a pillow.
If this point does not suit you for your back, you can use a lower height of the block.

Allow your body to rest gently on the blocks, by adjusting the position until you feel Comod @, arms supported on both sides.

It remains in the position at least 5 deep breaths.

3. Position of the cow face (arms)

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga posture 3: Cow Face – arms

From the kneeling position, stretch your right arm toward the ceiling, bend your right elbow and hand putting down between his shoulder blades.
With your left hand, move your right elbow so that you can delve into the opening of the shoulder (without pushing!)

If you find it easy to close the position, put your left arm down, bend your elbow and reach your left hand to the middle of his back, clutching his right hand.

Remains in the position for 5 deep breaths. Be careful that the arm is above not put pressure on his neck. When finished, he takes the position with the left arm up.

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4. Tilt forward standing with open shoulders

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga posture 4: Tilting forward standing with open shoulders

Standing, hands together behind the sacrum, knees and smoothing bend your body forward.

It remains in the position for 10 deep breaths.

5. Torsion @ sentad

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga posture 5: Twisting sitting

Sit with your
legs extended in front of you. Bend your right knee ycoloca right foot to the outside of the left knee. You can keep the left leg or bend it like in the picture.

Embraces the right leg with his left arm, and placed his right hand on the floor behind the sacrum.

Hold the pose for five deep breaths and then repeated on the other side.

6. Opening shoulder wall

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga posture 6: Opening shoulders on the wall

Place your forearms against the wall, with width apart shoulders elbows.
It takes a few steps back and let your head rest in your arms.

Hold the pose for five deep breaths.

7. Thread the needle

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Yoga pose 7: Thread the needle

Since four-legged posture, slide your right arm under your body, allowing your right shoulder to relax on the floor.
The left hand can remain where it is, or move a little forward, how in the image.

Hold the pose for 10 deep breaths, and then repeated on the other side.

Finally, some things you can improve

Yoga poses to relieve the problems of cervical and neck
Some things you can improve

Stop looking down at the phone while walking.
This action causes the neck to stretch in a position that is unnatural and you can produce pain.

Whenever you can, rotate your shoulder backward and down, and keep your back straight. Good posture allows the neck is in its right place.

Be aware neck posture, and keep your chin close. Sometimes our chin protrudes forward, as if we were looking for something. This position is also unnatural for neck and can cause strain.

If you have been useful this article, share it, may your friends also is helpful.

A hug!