5 Secrets Yoga for Beginners – Become a Yogi of the Heart

Today too, as this time I shared with you these 9 Exercises Yoga for Beginners and this one I told you about 7 Steps To cultivate gratitude, I wanted to share these yoga tips for beginners you in this presentation format. Perhaps more entertaining. Or at least different:)

Anyway, if you want to read it, here I leave the transcript.

Are you afraid to be the only person in the class who does not know what he’s doing?

If you
just make your trip started with yoga, or are flirting with the idea, but afraid to start, these tips are for you.

1) Pass internal criticism

Our mind has an inexhaustible capacity to be filled with negative thoughts and limiting.

One of the benefits of yoga is self –

No one expects you get flexible, balanced, with perfect posture and a great experience.
You are starting!

Do not pay attention to the
monologue of your mind that gives you 1000 reasons for not practicing yoga.

You are here for a reason, he comes to the end.

2) Remember, no one is watching you

Your mind can tell you’re going to make fools of themselves in front of everyone, and that everyone is watching you.

Nobody cares what you do!

Except the teacher to teach you

The addition students are focused on their practice.

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3) Start at your level

Choose an appropriate class to the level where you are today.

If you are a
beginner, go to classes beginners, do not skip this step.

A class of a higher level can become a dying 90 minutes instead of a wonderful experience.

Do not be
ashamed of being a beginner, do not miss the basic lessons of yoga.

4) Know your own body

If you have an injury or any other physical condition that can affect your practice, tell your teacher.

But are you responsible for your body.

Only you know what you really can and can not do.

There is
a fine line between pushing your limits where you will experience growth / expansion / magic, and push past that point it may cause you injury.

In other words, do not be too shy or too brave.

Find your inner wisdom.
Shhh. You may have to silence the inner critic to do so.

5) Commitment, dedication

If you feel frustrated with the limits of your physical form, devote yourself to improve. Remember the great opportunity you have right now to be practicing yoga, be reading this presentation, to have freedom and to decide what is best for you, now.

When you take a minute, you begin to understand the magnitude of the privilege to be in your practice now.

I am thankful and think: Does it
really matter if I’m not doing it perfect?

When you assume these tips, you are
no longer a beginner …

The yogi heart just born!