7 tips to create your yoga practice at home – MindYoga4U

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  1. Part exactly where you are now, listening to your body, watching you both physically and psychically find
  2. little by little your body heats up, until all joints are flexible
  3. Remember to make the contrapostura of the main positions
  4. Practice dynamic static posture before, if you’re going to do both variants.
  5. Rest whenever you need it
  6. Rest a few minutes before practicing pranayama techniques or breath control.
  7. And very importantly, enjoy your practice, and share with all people who are in your way that welfare, the peace that comes to you through the practice of yoga.


Remember that yoga gives you tools to know yourself. Be aware in your yoga practice, observed each effect of postures, breathing, meditation on you. He continues this constant observation not only within the mat, but at all times of your life.

A big hug!



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