10 Yoga Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Did you buy yoga mat and you list @ for your first class? Or maybe you have already taken some classes, but anyway you are looking for a kind of guide.

And that’s what I want to give you a guide based on my experience that although it took some time to practice today, I see each class as if it were the first. Do each posture as if he were doing it for the first time, prepare well. Listen to my teacher as if it were the first time I heard her, and managed to surprise me, motivate me, and deeply feel all that tells us all love it conveys. I am a beginner eternal, and I love to be.

I also see what the coming new to the class, and I know things I would do as a beginner conscious, because I move away from the focus of my practice.

And that’s what I want to convey to you today.

10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners Yoga

1. A yoga class for beginners, does not always mean it is an easy class

Depending on your teacher, and you practice yoga style, a kind of yoga for beginners can be difficult.

I sometimes classes yoga for beginners giving my teacher, and I realize that much emphasis on breathing, teaches us to a simpler level and how to breathe at all times. Also takes time in each yoga position, explaining how they should be the basis of it, the alignment and every detail that can be useful for good practice. It also offers variations of the same position, so you can make more Comod @ you feel, getting the same benefits.

If the class seems too strong, maybe you should try another
style of yoga . If you do not feel Comod @ with your teacher if you do not transmit what you receive in your practice through it, you can find someone else to guide you.

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2. No need to buy special yoga clothes

If you must feel good Comod @ in practice. loose clothing, and allows you to make the move is smoothly best.

Please note that you need mobility in your whole body, in all your joints. Also thinks do yoga positions where you will be with your head under as the dog upside down and if you wear something too wide may be the shirt you down to the head, so maybe useful worn under a sports bra or perhaps a shirt that is not so wide.

I use this shirt is very comfortable, however there are times when you can spend what I tell you, as you see in the image on the right. But in this case it does not make me feel uncomfortable, as if with a wider shirt ending coming to me in the face.

yoga for beginners shirt
Yoga for beginners. Choose a comfortable clothes.

3. The best position is ahead!

Perhaps I can give you a little afraid at first, or shame. But I encourage you to try it one day and put yourself ahead. You will see the beautiful view you get from your teacher. You will see much more closely how does each posture and better hear every word he says. Do not worry about students who are behind you. In yoga we always try to be very focused on personal practice, being aware of ourselves.

Do the same, well pegadit @ your teacher, so you feel more energy and captes best conveys what you.

In my class, the teacher is not always in front. He walks among us and makes positions in the center behind. But it always comes back before, and that’s where I’m always:)

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But of course, free to so you have to get there early!

4. Have the necessary accessories hand before starting the class

It’s good to have on hand a block, a rope and even a blanket. There are positions where you need help with these accessories. For example, for the triangle pose, you may need a block to rest your hand on it. Or for positions where you need to rest your head or knees on the floor pushing a blanket under you it is fine.

useful yoga accessories for beginners

5. Make your practice without shoes

This mainly is for your safety. Otherwise you can slip on the yoga mat . It also helps you to have better support to hold your body in one position. Improve your balance. It allows you to separate each finger of your feet as much as possible.

And most importantly for me, I feel a greater connection in practice. My bare feet on the mat is something that I really enjoy. It’s like feeling the earth beneath my feet. As a return to the origins through practice.

Do not worry because other people look at you feet. Again, I tell you that everyone will be focused on practical, as you’ll be in yours.

6. Do not push yourself too

If you have injury or previous surgery, it is best that the currents your teacher to get to class.

By practicing yoga, you will
discover muscles you never knew existed and you’ve never exercised. So let your body adjust to the new exercises, new movements without forcing. Listen to your body. Do not fight it, do not stresses.

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With practice you will go by slowly increasing.

7. Ask your teacher all the doubts

Teachers love questions! If you do not have something clear, feel free to ask and To comment you want. It is preferable to fully understand something before you do to get into the pose with uncertainty. If you do not feel Comod @ to ask during class, do it when it’s over, but never run with doubts.

8. When making a position that had not done before first observed

When you make a stand for the first time, it is best to look first how does your teacher and listen to instructions while doing so. If you try to do both, it can be more difficult. So the first time, be sure to look and listen well how does your teacher before you do.

9. Do not leave before trying other styles of yoga and other teachers

Did you go to one or two yoga classes , and you’re not Segur @ to follow? Do not miss. I advise you if you do not feel Comod @, try another style of yoga , and another teacher before deciding not to practice. Each teacher has a presence and conveys a different energy. So sometimes it takes a couple of classes to connect and find the right teacher for you.

10. Always keep your mind and your heart open

And most importantly, do not forget to breathe, smile, and enjoy your practice!


I hope these tips will be useful for
yoga for beginners . If you have any questions please do not stop put your question or comment below.

A big hug for you.