Silva Method: studies highlight the Importance of Developing intuition

Silva Method: studies highlight the importance of developing intuition 3

Silva Method and Intuition

How do you usually make your decisions? Do you bases on reason or you go by your gut?

It took thousands of years to realize it, but there are only two large systems when making decisions: the reason and intuition .

And it depends on what you prevail in your life will be in one way or another, and you’ll be happier or less.

So today we talk about “the two sides of the brain” and focus on one of them, the right to introduce more closely largely unknown to many that it is certainly necessary to have a life filled with peace, welfare and purposes fulfilled: INTUITION .

Silva Method and Intuition: Right and Left Brain

Look at the following infographic. Here you will see how each hemisphere of the brain reacts to the different stages of a task, whatever it may be and depending on which side you are more developed.

Silva Method and Intuition

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¿What conclusion you draw from that?

Basically, all you have to do with the left brain is linked to reason; and all that refers to the right hemisphere is associated with intuition.

And it depends on what more we use our life to develop in one way or another, because that determines our actions and decisions.

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The two sides of the brain are complementary, and ideally have both sides developed and “active” to maximize the potential of our mind.

And it is precisely where the data is: only use between 10 and 20% of the potential of our minds , and most people that use is primarily in the left hemisphere than the right; It is leading them to have a life that is not too close to you would like.



That is so for matters of belief, education or inertia that have led us to value more reason to intuition.

But more and more studies agree on the importance of developing “Side B of your brain , ” the intuition; as it is proven that it come great achievements in life .

So the answer is that, either way, you need to develop the right brain to improve your life and make the most of your potential … And best of all is that anyone can do it!

So you understand the difference between the two hemispheres of the brain basically you have to understand that everyone has a particular function.

The left side is the logic, details, which is governed by the facts, the present and the past, the perception of order and parameters, which is based on reality, strategic, the practical, of security, of knowledge, of words and languages, mathematics and science.

And the right hemisphere is the feelings, which is oriented to all, the imagination, the present and the future, of philosophy and religion, beliefs, symbols and images, of the perception of space, impetuous, which is based on the knowledge of the use of objects, the impetuous, who takes risks … And, among many other things, intuition .

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And on it just you should know a few other things …

Silva Method: Intuition, a friend for life

A few weeks ago you were talking about intuition, that infallible compass that always helps you choose the best way, and we were sharing some tips to develop it (you can read the article here).

Regarding intuition precisely the Nobel Prize Daniel Janheman found that the intuitive system is much more influential than experience seems to suggest .

Basically, you need to have the life you want.

She is the secret of many ways and decisions that people choose; and is shown to have developed the right side of the brain helps you make better decisions, solve problems more easily, to a “feeling inside” in precise and vivid moments to help you drive like a rocket any project or goal you have to appear …

But also helps to create instant and lasting improvements in your relationships, it is effective for managing stress and experience a deep and total relaxation, and helps you learn faster.

In addition, recent studies have reported that those who are guided by the wrong reason more and strive less.

And best of all is that, as I have above, we can all learn to develop intuition: ALL, and so begin to have the life you always wanted and hit all the decisions you make so you can live better and better .

And that’s what we are going to show in future articles.



But for this we want to know your opinion and at what point you are about intuition: How to developed is it? Do you guides by reason or by your intuition? Would you like to learn how to develop it? We hope your answers!

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