Learn to meditate to enjoy life

Silva method to be happier at home

Meditation no longer need defenders because science has shown that only brings benefits as it provides the opportunity to meet with our deep interior. Therefore it is very important to learn to meditate and thus fully enjoy life.

Learning to meditate can balance the emotions, By contacting your subconscious, relaxing by mental field leave your thoughts free. If you practice meditation constantly, you managed to develop concentration and self-control, which will result in better work performance and personal relationships as best know when to speak and when to keep quiet. Meditation can become a contributor to your mental and spiritual development, making sense of your life and then letting you enjoy it. “Reaching a broader perspective is like opening a window in a stuffy room, the whole atmosphere is renewed and the cool breeze brings alternatives to our usual ways of reacting. Through the practice of self-observation and meditation in daily life, even our deepest questions can be answered. We can discover what we are and what we are doing on this earth. Finally, we come into contact with a wealth of knowledge so vast that touches all things, “says Tarthang Turku, Tibetan thinker author of 18 books on understanding heart and mind.

So learn to meditate open mental channels you never imagined .

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Without realizing how it happens, you’ll see your life from new perspectives, acquiring other ways to solve problems, and opening the channel of intuition and communication with subtle energies.

When you learn and practice daily meditation, miracles begin to happen in your life, events that to many minds “locked” are inexplicable but with the new prospects opened up meditation will become explicable.

Learning to meditate does not require too long

But sadly, many consider to learn meditation requires a long time and even more if you want to practice it daily. However, as well it highlights the Silva Method , is a matter of few minutes. Five of meditation a day is good, ten minutes is much better, and fifteen to thirty minutes is excellent to achieve a full life. When you meditate? Whenever you want or feel the need.

Of course you must first understand the importance of meditation and learn to meditate through some techniques related to your temperament. So you will learn, for example, the benefits of deep breathing, a tool that you can draw on whenever you need it . If you feel that intolerance is controlling your body and mind, you can breathe deeply and look within yourself the real reason for that feeling.

You can then look closely at the person who caused this reaction in you and try to perceive it as a person like you, full of negative feelings, conflicts, insecurities and fears. So, when you look at the other as a person like you, with problems similar to yours, the transforming miracle of meditation, taking you to self-control and enjoyment of life occurs.

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