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What are the benefits of face yoga and can you tell some really effective face yoga poses?

What are the benefits of face yoga and can you tell some really effective face yoga poses? 5

Fighting against aging skin is a major concern in terms of beauty and sagging skin is one of the first signs. More and more women and even men are looking for natural and ancestral techniques to counter this problem. These include: facial yoga, a natural anti-aging method to reshape and tone the face every day.


Facial or facial yoga was initially designed to reconnect the face, body and spirit. But this discipline is also an excellent ally to youth and beauty. Facial yoga blurs the marks of time and helps restore relaxation, well-being and beauty.

Over time, the features of the face relax and the face collapses. An unhealthy lifestyle (tobacco, alcohol, bad eating habits), unsuitable beauty treatments, pollution and hormonal changes can be the cause.

Catherine Urwitz, who created facial yoga in the late 1970s, wanted to recreate the intimate connection between the body, the head and the face. The goal was to become aware of the emotions and its ills through the face. In fact, facial yoga is a marriage between Hatha yoga, the most famous form of yoga in the West and aesthetics.


In the past, it was called the “facial gym”. Nowadays, with the craze for yoga, several schools around the world offer training in facial yoga. You can even find demonstrations and exercises on Youtube.

Facial yoga tones and relaxes the muscles of the face. Lymphatic drainage is carried out promoting at the same time a better circulation. Facial yoga exercises stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The skin is better hydrated.

For example, simple patches can reduce puffiness under the eyes. Facial yoga does not act on deep wrinkles but rather on sagging skin. It helps slow down the signs of aging and decrease tension. It is said to be effective in reducing sagging in the jaw and neck, reducing the double chin. In addition, it helps to erase tension and daily stress, to reduce dark circles, crow’s feet and drooping eyelids.

No matter where you are, facial yoga can be practiced anywhere: at home, at work, etc. For good results, it is recommended to practice a routine of ten minutes each day.

Ideally, it is said that one should not necessarily start practicing facial yoga when wrinkles appear. On the contrary, it is better to start the practice as early as possible as a preventive measure to preserve its youth and beauty capital.

Yoga for the face

What are the benefits of face yoga and can you tell some really effective face yoga poses? 6


In the struggle to preserve youth and attractiveness, the beautiful half of humanity is capable of much. Someone exhausts themselves with diets, someone in the literal sense does not get out of the sports and fitness halls, well, someone goes for beauty to their favorite salon.

Different ways, different means, but one goal – to look young and well-groomed – that’s what unites millions of women.

Meanwhile, there are alternative ways of caring for yourself. And the fact that today they are not so popular on the territory of our country, does not diminish their value and effectiveness.

One such technique is yoga for the face, which is considered one of the most popular destinations.

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And what is such a yoga as it is useful, and is it feasible at home, – says the Pantry of Beauty.

Why do yoga for the face?

Yoga – a special set of exercises aimed at increasing the tone of the skin, tightening the contours of the face, eliminating premature and early wrinkles, especially mimic.

Yoga exercises contribute to a general relaxation of the skin, which has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the face and eyes.

In addition, yoga successfully fights with flabbiness and lethargy of the skin, so a mature, tired skin must be in need of training. It is worth noting that systematic yoga classes can be considered a full analogue of skin lifting, which is used for face rejuvenation.

Yoga not only tones up the skin, but also teaches you to control muscles, which in itself is an excellent prevention of problems associated with frequent, uneven muscle tension in the facial area.

When practicing yoga for face rejuvenation, blood circulation in the skin cells also improves.

What are the features of yoga for the face?

Modern yoga of a long face is an American direction, compiled and implemented by American women. Analysis by Hagen and Mari-Veronka Nadia. It is these women, first by their own example, and then by the example of their followers, they achieved tangible results in the fight against skin aging. Their works we will take as the basis, offering your attention the yoga exercise for the face.

Yoga from wrinkles is not a one-time procedure, you can forget about it after one or more of the following. Classes should be systematic, 2-3 hours a week, 1 time, or broken down into 2 times. They can be done at home, but this requires special preparation of the place and environment.

Yoga is not a simple gymnastics, which is why it requires concentration, attention and … calmness. The effect of the exercises will not be complete if the classes are held against a background of distracting sounds.

Yoga – this is a purposeful work, which only at first glance may look like grimaces and grimaces. Supplement the complex and help massage exercises.

These classes are not only instructive following the proposed exercise, but also the ability to relax, get rid of stress not only in the face, but also the body. Complex yoga is always completed with exercises for meditation and relaxation of the body.

Yoga for the face: rules of performance

1. Yoga exercises can be started from 10-15 minutes, constantly increasing the duration of the session for 5-10 minutes. This will allow you to get used to the lessons and enjoy the pleasure of the procedure.

2. Begin exercises with repetitions up to 3 times, gradually increasing the performance of each exercise up to 6-8 times in one procedure.

3. The minimal complex of exercises should be repeated as often as possible – for 5-10 minutes daily, or every other day.

4. The best time for yoga is before bedtime.

5. If you are limited in space, you can choose a bathroom for yoga – at least, this is exactly the place in front of the mirror, where nobody can disturb you for a while.

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6. Before starting yoga, do not forget to cleanse your skin of makeup.

Yoga from wrinkles: a set of exercises

Exercise 1.

To strengthen the muscles of the face, a little air is accumulated in the mouth, and a ball is formed in the oral cavity, from under the left cheek to the right, under the lower and upper lip, “rolling” before the teeth and behind the cheeks. This exercise helps to smooth wrinkles in the nasolabial triangle.

Exercise 2.

The exercise that activates the blood circulation is performed as follows: the mouth is wide open, and the tongue protrudes as much as possible. Tense tongue is held in this position for up to 60 seconds. If the eyes “run” tears – not scary, with the moisture and toxins go.

Exercise 3.

From the mimic wrinkles between the eyebrows helps to get rid of the exercise, in which the eyebrows are raised high up, and the two index fingers perform smoothing movements in the sides. Exercise is repeated 5 to 20 times.

Exercise 4.

To tighten the cheeks and chin, as well as to improve the complexion, perform the exercise – “kiss” – the lips stretch, as if reaching for a kiss, in such a pose held up to 60 seconds.

Exercise 5.

Another exercise that helps to eliminate the “crow’s feet” is performed as follows: the skin in the outer corners of the eyes is slightly pressed with the tips of the fingers, and at the same time squinting, it is slightly tightened.

Exercise is repeated many times, up to 10-15 times, while not exerting effort, so as not to injure the delicate skin.

Yoga for the face – yoga exercises for the face

Evaluating the beauty of a woman, you always pay attention to your face. Therefore, we want to keep it young and attractive as long as possible.

Yoga will help us to rejuvenate the face. We spend tons of cosmetics and forget about the most important thing, that the face, like the body, consists of a variety of muscles, which can also be trained.

Yoga for the face is indisputably effective, but it will be effective only if you try to perform simple exercises on a daily basis.

I suggest yoga exercises that tighten the muscles of the face, slow the aging process, if you do these simple exercises daily, the face will be rejuvenated. Exercise in the power to perform any woman, regardless of age, you need only 15 minutes.

Yoga for the face exercises

1) Winking. The left eye needs to make a movement resembling a wink, but the eye remains open. Hold the eye in this position for 2 seconds, relax. It is necessary to do such a wink for 15 seconds and very quickly. We will repeat the same with the right eye. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the upper face, helps to remove bags under and over the eyes, reduces blue.

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2) The exercise is called the motor. Exhalation – you make a sound with your lips, which sounds very much like the roar of a running

What are the benefits of face yoga and can you tell some really effective face yoga poses? 7

motor, or like a child who plays with a typewriter. Rumble must be carefully, so that the vibration spreads throughout the body, in the vertex, in the sacrum, behind the breastbone.

At the same time, you have to rotate your head clockwise, draw a circle 10 centimeters in diameter with your nose. Only the upper part of the neck rotates here. When you need to inhale and continue to perform the exercise – about thirty seconds. Then change the direction of travel. Repeat.

Such an exercise will increase the volume of the lips, strengthen their color, strengthen the muscles of the cervical vertebrae, heals the ears, nose, eyes, throat.

3) Language-mill. Take your head slightly back, do not tilt your face, grasp your knees with your hands. Firmly tighten the lips, move the tip of the tongue: to the right cheek, down under the lower lip, to the left – to the left cheek, upwards – under the upper lip, forcefully press the tongue. It is necessary to perform 36 times clockwise and the same number of times in the opposite direction. You can simultaneously rotate the eyes, upper body, breath, when you do the front semicircle, exhale – with the back semicircle.

Exercise helps to correct the saggy cheeks, nasolabial folds are smoothed, the line of the chin improves. The work of the vessels of the skull improves, the muscles of the upper cervical vertebrae strengthen. This exercise will help relieve tension and stress.

Yoga for the face and neck

1) Fish. Inhale – open your mouth wide and eyes, as if you were something very much surprised. Lips stretch into a smile. Quit for five seconds. Exhale – close your lips. Repeat 6 times.

The muscles of the lower part of the face and neck are tightened, your consciousness receives a positive attitude.

2) Owl. The index fingers should be placed on the upper eyelids and pull them slightly to the top. Exhale – try to close your eyes, but with your fingers resist. Inhale – relax. We perform 12 times. Exercise smooths wrinkles around the eyes, improves circulation of the upper eyelids.

3) Slap in the face. Slap your fingers on the palms of your face, do not hurt of course, but try hard to have a pleasant warmth and cheeks turn pink. Carry out about a minute.

Then, with the back of your hand, tap under the jaw. Increases blood circulation, strengthens the muscles of the lower part of the face, improves color and skin condition, removes the second chin.

4) Pump. Smile and relax at once. Continue with maximum speed as quickly as you can. Perform at least thirty seconds. Breathe freely. Improves the work of the lymphatic system of the face, strengthens the muscles of the cheeks, face, chin, improves mood.

Conclusion: as you can see the exercises are quite simple, the implementation does not take much time, every woman can allocate a mirror and fifteen minutes a day to preserve her beauty, youth, attractiveness for as long as possible.

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