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How Can I Make My Skin Clear And Healthy?

How Can I Make My Skin Clear And Healthy? 5

Normally we usually practice sports for the theme of “body worship” . To keep the line at bay and control cholesterol. We also focus it to “clear the mind”. Forgetting the accumulated tensions, and avoiding the problems of day to day, is another of our objectives.

How Can I Make My Skin Clear And Healthy? 6


For the practice of yoga, in addition to being phenomenal for the two previous options, appears a third: maintain a healthy and radiant skin.  We create the right conditions for the blood to oxygenate well, and reach all corners of our body to nourish all cells.

In today’s post we will see a series of asanas  ( is the name that is known to the positions that are practiced in yoga), so that our skin regains a healthier tone and tone lines are reduced.

Yoga for your skin: the asanas of beauty

The Yoga is an ancient technique to preserve youth, prolong life and improve health, in development for more than 3,000 years ago, and corroborating each day to the pace of progress of modern science.

Through postures and relaxation, the facial muscles tone up and relax, making the features appear more serene. The irrigation of the capillaries of the face and scalp is improved. This fact of improving circulation is of great importance for improving the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

Many yoga postures act indirectly through the relationships between the muscular and facial chains. In addition we strengthen all the muscles, we eliminate tensions and we favor the good functioning of all organs and viscera.

In today’s post we will see a series of asanas to keep health and beauty at bay.

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Before we start practicing yoga, I remind you that it does not require any special condition, and we can all benefit from its effects, we apply Relax Skin.

It is a relaxing serum, which thanks to the aromatic properties of the Apple Essence, helps to release toxins and recover the heart rate. It compensates the energies of the body and the brain, helping to concentrate better and reduce stress. 

Now if we start doing yoga.

How Can I Make My Skin Clear And Healthy? 6


We sit with our legs together stretched, and arms along the body. We keep our faces facing forward.

We put our hands on the thighs and we go sliding along the leg, trying to reach the ankles or the soles of the feet.

The neck, we keep it in line with the rest of the spine, and the face is relaxed looking towards the knees.

Clamp posture

Clamp posture


  • By stretching and relaxing the muscles of the legs, we indirectly relax the muscles involved in the tension of the jaw. Fighting the tension of that part of the face, we are doing treatment in the entire area of ​​the facial oval.
  • Aesthetically, this posture works by refining the legs, and reducing adipose deposits in the abdominal waist.


We sit with our legs together and stretched, Flexionamos one of the legs and put the sole of that foot against the thigh (without putting it under).

We stretch the spine from the base, and flex the trunk forward, approaching the stretched leg.

We stay like this for about a minute and we change the leg.

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Leg extension posture


  • This posture produces a relaxation of all the muscles of the face. In this way, a “botox effect” is produced , and the
  • We deeply massage the internal organs of the abdomen, favoring gastrointestinal functions such as gastritis and constipation.


We lie on our backs with our arms along the body.

We press with hands and arms on the floor, we raise the legs and the trunk, moving all the weight of the body towards the shoulders, bringing the hands to the sides and keeping the body as vertical as possible.

We direct the chin towards the chest.

Candle posture


  • Through this posture we irrigate the face abundantly and improve the tone of the skin. We delay the appearance of wrinkles and attenuate the lines of expression. We also irrigate the scalp, nourishing the roots of the hair. Practicing daily the posture of the candle, we get a more oxygenated skin, a healthier tone and bright, strong and healthy hair.
  • We fight and prevent all kinds of circulatory problems in the legs: varicose veins, cellulite, leg heaviness, etc.

In yoga, as in everything in this life, there are no millennial recipes. It is the usual practice that achieves access to the interior, eliminate physical and psychic tensions, tone up the entire musculature and improve the circulation of the entire body.

The beauty is a global concept that can not be reduced to a mere matter of form or fashion. Resides in internal harmony and health; Beauty is the reflection on the outside.

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