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What is the meditation technique for brain power, concentration & depression?

What is the meditation technique for brain power, concentration & depression? 3

How to meditate to reach the perfect concentration of the mind

  • How to meditate in the third stage of the meditation technique ? It consists of concentrating, it is the delicate phase to obtain a perfect concentration.

What is the meditation technique for brain power, concentration & depression? 4


The meditation technique for concentration begins with the experimentation of meditation exercises on different media. In this process of concentration , meditation with exercises on Love , Compassion , Gratitude and Inner Silence are indispensable to bring about the awakening of the consciousness , the Buddhata , the Divine Essence .

Meditation technique supports for concentration can also be concrete objects, abstract texts, sounds, music , breath, heartbeats, or brain sounds.

After having obtained a good experiment of the different supports of concentration, it is essential to concentrate on the sounds of the brain to obtain the silence .

Then, it is crucial to understand that thought is a real action to progress towards mastery of the mind .

And in the end, it is to learn how to meditate precisely with the meditation technique in perfect concentration in seven stages.

Here and now we will list the basic essentials of the meditation technique for perfect concentration.

In support of the meditation technique , music is a very effective medium of concentration.

Indeed, in the same way that snake charm music , we can also with the support of music , make docile, calm and peaceful, all parts of the mind .

As you must know, in the majority of people who are preoccupied, the states of mind are agitated and scattered.

That’s why music is a good starting medium to focus pleasantly. The interesting thing about music is that it has a rhythm and your attention will follow that rhythm naturally.

But let us remember urgently that it is absolutely necessary to develop Love , Joy, Humility, Gift and Compassion . The awakening of consciousness can occur when the powers of the cardias have been developed , so the Buddhata can awaken durably.

And whenever you find yourself thinking, get back to listening to the rhythm right away. The waves of attention follow one another with waves of inattention.

  • You wonder then how to meditate ? Continue each day to work with the meditation technique and the meditation exercises .
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It is only in this deep inner silence that the illuminating void occurs . Patience and rigor, Love and Humility, Faith and Chastity , are all skills or virtues to develop.

Meditation disables the depression center of the brain

meditate against depression

Whenever you trigger your “fight-or-flight” response, for example, when faced with career problems, relationship concerns, and financial hardships, you flood your body with a cocktail of harmful hormones. This stress response is triggered in part of the brain called the amygdala.

Whenever your amygdala “overheats”, various hormones are released that affect your psyche. However, there is an easy way to cool the Amygdala! A study by Harvard University neuroscientists found that meditation not only helps you control the fight-or-flight response, but also shrinks the amygdala.

Meditation lets you become one with yourself

Meditation lets you become one with yourself

Many people suffer from depression because they feel incomplete. Some develop this disease after the loss of a loved one or after a drastic experience such as a divorce. Others who devote their lives to their jobs can get sick if they get fired. Still others suffer from a chemical imbalance, which then leads to clinical depression.

Every time an important part of your life changes, you may feel incomplete, which can quickly lead to depression. Meditation makes you feel complete again and find your way back to the trail.

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