Informal practices mindfulness. Life here and now

informal practices of mindfulness.  Life here and now

When talking about mindfulness practices, we can speak of two types: informal practices of mindfulness and formal. All need perseverance, but informal practices that allow us more game.


Informal practices of mindfulness lead us to discover that what is extraordinary in the everyday.


Nothing else remember the definition of mindfulness (actually an English word that is the translation of the term pali “sati” which means consciousness, attention and memory) makes Dr. John Kabatt-Zin “Mindfulness means paying attention in a special way: intentionally, in the present moment without judgment “ , we think about finding ways to bring our attention to the present moment, the here and now is where the concept of informal and formal mindfulness practices appears.

If we talk about formal practices as may be pure and meditation, we are talking about arranged along one day, of a fixed place and a certain time and a fixed time for practice.

Sit and feel. Remain in absolute silence and stillness for a time fixed in advance. Normal should be no less than 15 minutes to be a good meditation exercise and ideally be around 30 0 45 minutes.

Formal practice of mindfulness to set up a daily rule that we integrate into our daily work.

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But informal practices of mindfulness, without being less important, give us more game when moving to integrate mindfulness in our daily lives.

They are all practices that we conduct throughout the day as if they were those “pecking” between hours we do from time to time, but this time being very good for health.

Among the informal practices of mindfulness or mindfulness, would all those who actually do not need a specific time to do or a predetermined time period.

Simply take action putting all our attention on them. They carry the catchphrase of mother who says “you’re not where you belong”; ie that informal practices of mindfulness, you have to do is put all the attention to be where you belong and that is no other place this instant. That moment here and now that will determine your life and that is the only real because there is here and now.

So simple, but so complicated, because many times we do not will have noticed doing something and not paying enough attention for being “shrews” thinking about the past or giving us an endless loop for the future (usually with added) concerns.

Therefore, the informal practices of mindfulness, are those that we made throughout the day and end integrated between our daily chores.

Over time, these informal practices end up becoming a way of life.

By leaving some example of informal practices so you can work with them, I want to tell a couple of them you can put into operation in this very moment.

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When you read this paragraph, become aware of the space that you have and whether you’re sitting or sitting or standing, stretch your spine and takes all your attention to your breathing but without making any modification on it. Just watch it. mentally count to 10 while remaining absolutely silent.

You have just entered the world of informal practices of mindfulness or mindfulness.

If you finish reading this you go out text and perform a walk 15 or 20 minutes putting your attention on every step you take, becoming straight your spine and putting all your attention and from silence in all that you see and You listen, you’ve made another informal practices of mindfulness.

That simple and that complicated because in the meantime, your mind will be trying to follow fijándote on the trip she wants to do now … back to the past or take on concerns the future.

But the reality is that where you are is right there, about to finish reading this text and I live here and now. Why not take advantage before it’s too late ?.

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