The 10 Commandments for True Happiness

We’ve heard countless ways to achieve a state of inner peace and balance, since keep in tune with your own self, be your best friend, even the foods you eat and exercise. Being happy in itself, does it really have to be so complicated and requires a formula with stringent steps to comply? I think that in itself is a way of life and being that everyone handles their own way, there is a phrase that says:

“The wisest and intelligent person is not the one who knows more or has more academic degrees, but one that has learned to be happy.”

Therefore, here I present a series of 10 very simple commandments, Deepak Chopra, which are very simple, and wisdom is the key, attention to each of them:

1. Your body is wise, listen.

We have different signals produced by our body, these are comfort and discomfort. When choosing a behavior, before exposing it , ask your body: “How do you feel before you do this , If you perceive that from the inside, your body is sending signals from alteration, disruption, beware so. But if you perceive the signal is peace, comfort, then go ahead.

10 Commandments for true happiness

2. Live in the present moment.

We just have this, no more. Therefore Stay tuned to pay attention to you here and now, then from there, find fulfillment in those moments. fully and openly accept everything that comes towards you, take the trash out of your mind, accept it and begin to appreciate what comes to you, learn from what comes to you, and finally, let it go.

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There is no problem in this, this is as it should be, everything you’re brought you to that point. Do not fight the things that are and are circling around you, as does the universe, instead of one that I know everything.

3. Set aside time for you looking for silence.

Take time to meditate, to silence your voices from inside. When you are silent and meditate, you connect with your responsible source of pure consciousness. Pay attention to your inner world, this will be your guide and you fill intuition to see a clear path, you’d stop no longer guided by the external voices that tell you if something is good or not for you.

4. Waiver of the need for approval from others.

Only you can know your worth, your goal is to discover the infinite value that you possess excluding any outside opinion. Be freed slave you have inside when you realize it.

5. Do not fight with others.

Keep in mind that when you act with anger or rage to any comment that you say or fact happens, these really only fighting yourself. When you put resistance to something, it’s because you’re responding with the defenses created about old wounds. When you give up that anger or struggle, you start to heal and the universe will turn in your favor.

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6. The world you see is a reflection of your inner world.

Those who go through life with hate, or love only reflect those actually only project what they carry inside. That “more hate” is what more you deny yourself, and that “more love” is what most want for yourself. Use this guide to achieve evolve and have full knowledge of you. When you accomplish that, you most want it will automatically come to you.

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7. Get rid of prejudice, is a burden that is not for you.

Without prejudice you feel lighter. Prejudice means deciding whether something is right or wrong, good or bad, but this is just. Everything can forgive and even understand, but when judgest short root vanish understanding and love. When you judge you put in evidence your lack of self-acceptance. Remember now that every person goes through your life to which pardons, is another act of self-love you will be reflecting.

8. Do not give your body toxins.

Do not contaminate your body through food, drink, or toxic emotions. Your body goes with you wherever you go there, and having him fit and the right thoughts will take you much further. Your cells need a care from you, you know how to attend to your walk is pleasant.

9. Instead of fear direct your behavior, focus only love lead them.

When you’re afraid you live exclusively in the past, it is a product of your memory wrong. Remembering what hurt you in the past, you focus all your energy to ensure that the same situation is not repeated. But the error is in wanting to correct this using the memory of the past, believing that the threat of being hurt again be avoided, it does not work that way. Corriges your mind when you’re sure of yourself, of your own person, that security is love. When what motivates you is the truth that is in your being, external threats disappear because what’s inside you is immune to fear.

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10. Understands that the world you see out there is a reflection of a higher intelligence.

There is a higher being who arranged everything to the minutest detail, all matter and energy comes from there. We are part of that intelligence, a portion of it resides in us. We are connected to everything around us, so we can not live in toxicity, dirty does us no good, we can not live with toxic thoughts, because every thought you create an atmosphere and reality. So if you live in purity and harmony, you will be worth seeing with your own eyes through God, how beautiful it is to live.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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