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The renowned Mexican writer Octavio Paz tended to worry enough about situations. For example, he worried much economic condition was presented with the children of certain types of workers and wanted to create a school for them. In this regard, it could be considered that his concern was “good” or altruistic interest in the welfare of others. But let’s look at other moments of his life:

In his personal history we find that separated from his first wife and then in the 60s was an official of the Mexican Embassy in Paris; later he worked in India where he met another woman with whom he married again. Some time later, he gave up his work as a form of protest against the repressive policy perceived. Subsequently, he served as professor, at the same time created new publications and magazines, resulting in 1990 the Nobel Prize for literature.

However, his early writings were influenced by their strong concerns social, existential well as aspects of loneliness with the problems of the time, among others. So this kind of concern if it could be considered in some way as “negative” because it had to focus to a pessimistic outlook towards life in general. But fortunately soon discovers surrealism in the liberating power of the word to be greater openness and flexibility in expression. Also finds affinity with the world of the esoteric and another way of seeing things, also is interested in oriental culture and has more freedom in communicating words, more separate logic and closer to the emotional, to a creative sense that with great autonomy implements new and flexible resources typography and presentation in his writings. Among other things, the theme of love with elements of philosophy and history inspires him and take him to the composition of the most exquisite works. So then, we can appreciate the importance of the fact introduce some changes in the way of doing things in order to make the experience more rewarding change and away from unnecessary tensions that are part of negativism.

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Another example is found in the famous American actress Amanda Seyfried. Over the years he was having many concerns, many fears, repetitive thoughts and actions, so much so that he came to suffer anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder was diagnosed. Situations experienced at home, obtained negative results in some of their projects, unfounded fears to television, his concern when not nominated for an award, wondering amid insecurity: What am I doing wrong ?, etc. They are part of the issues involved in their emotional state. However, nowadays though it takes more than ten years taking antidepressants, the dosage each time has been less and feel that as time passes has been improving, as already it controls more than your thoughts. The tactics used to balance your anxiety level are exercising or taking a shower and then apply perfume, and painted lashes. Says about this quickly puts a “good mood”. It shows no discomfort when talking about your diagnosis of anxiety, but wisely expresses its strengths and weaknesses to be aware of these. He feels comfortable with his professional growth, as well as the decisions taken, knowing he has tried to be versatile and dynamic, which makes her feel satisfied. Now, apart from having several films by brand soon, lives a completely different, new and great experience: being a mom for the first time. It has also bought a house that has a garden and animals who loves, enjoys both sweet foods like salty and has not made any “extravagant” treatment.

Thus, we see that self may find its “own way” to regulate itself according to what he brings well – being and joy. Therefore, there are no rules that fit all cases and for all people at the same time: what other helps, you may not or vice versa. You need to find your personal formula to rid of excess worries, fears, insecurities, obsessive thoughts or limiting and everything that distances you from your desires.

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Still, it can be said that a general is very helpful “given permission” to perceive otherwise situations and accept them as they happen, as well as creatively transform difficult experiences in more positive, either because you enter a change in the way you respond to them by smaller it is at the beginning or because you learn to see how your allies to strengthen some aspect that you know you need to continue polishing.

Also, it is necessary to identify the nature of the concern and ask: what ?, I fear this concern prompts me to seek solutions or blocks me ?, this concern is temporary or repetitive ?, this concern can reduce or feel it is out of my control ?, my worries are only about some particular aspects or has been generalized to almost every aspect of my life? Respond affirmatively to the first option on these questions means that your concerns are adaptive, ie, that can be considered normal and simply keep them apart for not fluent in your experiences. But if you answer yes to the second option in each of these, it is clear you need to do something as soon as possible on your way to take what comes your way. So, relax the body and mind must become a daily task, not forcibly but by choice and conviction that it can and that it is necessary for your well-being, being flexible and open to try other small and simple actions make your day to day life experience more enjoyable.

Therefore, start breathing deeper and slowly try your exhale a little longer than your inhalation, that helps you calm down. Spend more time celebration activities, leisure or recreation without more enjoy there a reason or a special date. Focus on the present moment and try to solve step by step every day. If possible solution can only be run in the future why fret ahead of time? Or if it’s something that could be resolved in the present, but not up to you to complete the solution is not to be an aspect uniquely yours, then what you restless? Relax, just do your part and the rest put it in charge of that corresponds to accomplish the task or in the hands of God or the universe or the natural process of life. Thy trust, trust and trust!

If you reach an ineffective thought, one of those that warn you “over the odds” he says: “I am peace, since peace act at the right moment, with what my power to do and tranquility.”

Suddenly, you might reach more irrational ideas, those who try to overwhelm or angustiarte either by the expectation at large or minimal (most problems have not yet come, but think ahead or, you’ve reached attract with your thoughts) then again make this statement giving it a positive emotion. To do this, visualize in your mind in detail a relaxing scene, in which you experience peace. Therefore irrational and harmful thinking now you introduce a new way of seeing that it will be reinforced by a positive emotion, which generate the mental images or the act of doing what you generate pleasure and tranquility.

When this will become a habit, growing notes facility to stop worrying about everything and instead, you regain control over your welfare, because remember that peace equals health and to worry about uncontrolled amounts to discomfort and unhappiness. So, turn to connect with the peace and serenity that lie in the depths of your being, it operates from there and gloriously date the luxury of saying: What whatever has to happen, I am peace and nothing can topple me!

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