Tips to Recover The Will to Live

Dear reader, this article is based on a reflection of Facundo Cabral, a person nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, which left many deep and beautiful reflections to learn to have peace and live untethered. This reflection is about to start living, banish bitterness, and enlighten others with your joy:

Begins to live, let the voices learned and repeated the crowd and go out to meet what really matters, to meet life. being so serene, free of paradigms and voices’ll begin to bless others with your joy. Leave laments, opinions and beliefs that others will want to impose and into real life, which is only harmony and peace, stop complicate existence, stop for a moment of your cares and you can see that life has meaning when you live simply.

Tips to Recover joie de vivreLearn everything around you, come, do not be afraid of the new. But above all, learn from yourself, learn to be sad without sadness, learn to be happy without seeking a reason. Sing, dance and above all loves, loves even those you do not understand, because we are all human and we want to live the best we know, so do not judge, because as you judge, you will be also judged you.

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Focus on love and recover the desire to live, you become enlightened, and your joy harbored a peace which thou knowest not, and go ascending as the bird flies high and none can reach.

Joy makes us wise, not answers to your questions, as in joy no questions to solve. Realize you’re part of creation indescribable beauty and power, you’re part of the universe, why are you inspiration for yourself and others. In the depths of your being is your essence, from the source that has no end, why you’re rich, you have everything you need to get to where your heart desires.

Live longer, do not ask anymore, because from thee abundance. From mendigues not believe less and have little, follow and learn from your being, you, and understand that to live better have to be better than you were. Empty yourself every day prejudices and resentments and disappointments, be attentive only to this moment, because it has everything you need. Then you will see everything as a constant novelty, your will to live and renew your spirit fly free. Empty yourself of the past and you will be filled this, which is full of all, be free of preconceptions.

When you live in your past and the things of the past are predominant in the way you act, you live in stagnant water, they produce no life, can not keep, so you lock yourself in what is dead. It is a wall that separates you from life. Empty yourself of dead waters of the past and recover the desire to live , you return to feel like when you were a child. You ‘ll open to all, embrace all, therefore your environment will be an amusement park to play.

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Essential Tips to Recover joie de vivre

Children are calm and their faces shine because they are free of experiences and memories, they do not know anything, but at the same time they know everything, that is not the wisest who has more knowledge, but he who has learned to be happy . Learn the child you were, who enjoys everything, everything is excited and amazed. As an old man wants to be in his chair without moving because it reminds too much, you know too much, and lives in preconception by all his experiences, not wanting to see what’s new every day depriving him of life, so you can also choose the past or experience renewed to live in the now. Because life is now.

When you listen to the old voices inside, they do not let you hear the new ones are abroad, because this really is all there, the old has no life. When your inner serenity silent you can hear plenty from abroad. Only your silence you will see that life is constantly reinventing itself, and you’re part of this event without having to strive for it. Then they will return your desire to live, you will be spontaneous, you’ll smile for no reason, you will create from the heart.

When we are in the ego, we are in the past. That is to say, when we think someone owes us something, when we think someone is responsible for our happiness, it makes us all heavy a burden. The ego is like an old man, it is old, so everything costs. The ego robs you of being spontaneous as a child, you impoverished, steals the desire to live, makes you believe that you have nothing to do with the other, that you are a special case, you puffed up, you blind, so when these only suffer loneliness rather than enjoy it .

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Elias Berntsson

Source: Facundo Cabral

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