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What are the benefits of yoga for men?

What are the benefits of yoga for men? 3

Good Reasons to Yoga (when you are a Man)

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What are the benefits of yoga for men? 4


We will discover together yoga, a practice combining physical, breathing and life philosophy … far from the clichés you can think of.

I invite you to follow me for the presentation of the 13 benefits of yoga (surprise for the eyes in the 13th)!

Yoga is trendy

With the female audience certainly, but this sport begins to make more and more ravages among men, even the most virile.

Indeed, even the stars have gone from Matthew McConaughey to basketball player LeBron James via Russell Brand or David Beckham, nobody escapes! Even the All Blacks practice yoga in pre and off season!

Yoga is good for you

Slowing down, taking the time to sit down and listen to your body , but also to soften and muscling from the inside are all reasons that extol the merits of yoga.

While it is true that most yoga studios are mainly attended by flexible women, tonic and well done in clothes more than adjusted, yoga is not reserved for this elite! Certainly, by putting yourself in yoga, you can meet these anatomical bombs, but there are other benefits!

For example, yoga will allow you to improve your concentration, eliminate toxins from your body, work on your flexibility and maybe even explode your performance in bed …

In this, yoga will not only allow you to be more successful in a particular sport but to feel more confident and better in everyday life.

Benefit 1: Yoga to fight against stress

image04 13 Good Reasons to Yoga (when you are a Man)

Yoga helps you to free yourself from stress. Some men will hit in a bag, others push a bar or run for hours to relieve their stress, but in the end these solutions often only make them more aggressive or even more tired.

Conversely, yoga uses many relaxation techniques that will ultimately make you calmer.

As Sadie Nardini, the creator of Rock your yoga says, while training your body, yoga causes your mind to think bigger and to act with courage rather than panic.

If you want to look like a hero, all you have to do is put yourself on a rug and practice …

Yoga helps you to relativize and analyze the world, but especially your life from another point of view.

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Indeed, thanks to the relaxation but also to the meditation that you will practice in some yoga classes – this is one of the fundamental principles of yoga but often left out in modern classes designed to be much more dynamic and physical – you approach your life, your problems but also your goals in a more thoughtful and constructed way.

Benefit 2: Yoga makes you flexible

Since there are twists (twists) in the majority of yoga postures, you work on your articular mobility, which will give you a better golf swing or improve your tennis racket and detoxify you. and allows better digestion on the other hand.

Added to the twists of the spine many postures in which your hip opening and the flexibility of your posterior chain – we are talking here about adductors and then calves, ischios and psoas mainly – will be solicited and worked.

By being more flexible at the level of these different muscles, you will decrease the tensions exerted on your pelvis and thus limit the existing or future back pains.

In addition, by becoming more flexible, you give your muscles the opportunity to become stronger thanks to the elasticity obtained.

You can also improve your running stride with a longer and more flexible stride at each step, which naturally leads to more consistent speed during your training whether long-term or split.

Finally, do I need to remind you that sharing the bed of a flexible man is almost magical ?

Benefit 3: Yoga sculpts your body

image01 13 Good Reasons to Yoga (when you are a Man)

Even if you only use your body weight, yoga builds muscle mass and makes you stronger. To understand it well, just imagine the bar you would push in a bench press if it weighed your own weight …

No need to go for the most absurd postures to draw the musculature that every man dreams, hold the basic postures for several breaths and then bind them more dynamically during yoga classes will make you strong men and well more flexible.

In addition, because of its movements and amplitudes different from those you usually practice, you will use other muscle fibers, sometimes discovering muscles that until then were unknown to you, such as the anterior serratus that stabilizes the shoulder and the pecs and allows when drawn to bring out your abs …

Finally, thanks to the breathing adopted in yoga, you will lose this budding brioche sometimes due to an important secretion of cortisol in favor of a flat stomach on which these abs of chocolate bars will be drawn as desired.

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Benefit 4: Yoga develops your balance

Strengthen your arms, shoulders and abs by making the bird!

bird poses 13 Reasons to practice Yoga (when you are a man)

Many yoga poses, besides relaxing you, will ask you a balance on the feet or hands out of the ordinary. You will therefore strengthen all your stabilizing muscles and posture to hold these positions.

Benefit 5: yoga prevents injuries

Sexy Selfie 13 Good Reasons to Do Yoga (When One is a Man)

First of all, yoga requires you to listen to your body at every moment. Therefore, depending on your state of the day, you will not do the exercises and postures at the same intensity.

Then, yoga reinforces you from the inside to the outside – which Pilates also does – allowing you to build your deep, stabilizing and posture muscles (transverse, spinal, deep buttocks) in order to have a base solid before asking for more from your body, whether in intensity, impact or additional charges.

Benefit 6: Yoga helps you push your limits

There are so many types of yoga today that you will always find one to challenge you. This may be the Bikram, a sequence of 26 poses in a humid and overheated room to allow better evacuation of toxins .

Or Hatha yoga, considered as dynamic yoga, or yoga forms adapted to our modern lives like the hot yoga Vinyasa flow, adapted form of Ashtanga Vinyasa.

The latter is practiced in a room at 32 degrees and offering various objectives ranging from relaxation to work very dynamic and rhythmic through courses targeting the center of the body or the postures of strength.

Once your yoga class is found, pushing your limits will be a daily job : you will be challenged on the duration of holding the postures of strength, their fluid flow but also flexible …

In addition, yoga will work your mind through concentration and meditation and will allow you to go further in physical exercise, will allow you to surpass yourself in due time.

For example, during a marathon, the mind takes over the physical when the latter loose. Having a strong mind allows you to push back your limits.

Benefit 7: Yoga increases your breathing capacity

image02 13 Good Reasons to Yoga (when you are a Man)

One of the major benefits of yoga is the reduction of your resting heart rate through the practice of typical yogi breathing.

As you probably know, athletes, especially endurance athletes, have a particularly low resting heart rate, which is certainly an asset for practicing any sport, but also and above all for better living and better age .

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Plus, more advanced yoga routines will put your heart to the test, which will increase your breathing capacity and strengthen your cardiovascular system . All of this leads, of course, to a reduction in cardiovascular risks on your health.

Finally, thanks to these dynamic and challenging routines , your overall respiratory volume will increase which is beneficial for any activity!

Benefit 8: Yoga makes you a sex god

Using relaxation and breathing techniques seen in yoga when you are with a girl will allow you to have longer and more intense sex …

Indeed, concentration and control will allow you to decide the exact moment you wish to ejaculate to be much more enduring and receptive to your partner.

Benefit 9: Yoga Calms Your Mind

Tight Yoga Abs 13 Reasons to Yoga (when you are a Man)

While living in an increasingly stressful world where everything must go faster and where you never have time to wait, yoga allows you to ask yourself, refocus on yourself, you relax and relearn how to breathe properly to calm the game and concentrate better.

Thanks to yoga you will sleep better, you will relax more easily and more quickly and you will be more effective since your mind will be free and soothed.

Benefit 10: Yoga gives you a better smell

Thanks to the practice of yoga you detoxify your body by sweating but also by massaging your organs. As a result, thus purified, your body odor becomes more pleasant and less strong.

And you know well that the smell, it counts as much as the masculine perfume in seduction!

Benefit 11: Yoga requires you to set goals

Instagram Yoga Pants 13 Good Reasons to Do Yoga (When One is a Man)

During each yoga class, you must set yourself a micro-objective. But taking the step of practicing yoga necessarily entails a deeper step where you set goals for life.

Yoga can also simply help you through meditation and self-knowledge to determine more precisely what you want to get out of your life, your week, your session …

You will learn to set goals on several scales and you will see that your daily life will be improved!

Benefit 12: Yoga gives you a warrior mind

To hold a posture when the whole body trembles and especially when the center of the body, the power house is exhausted, requires a mind of steel. That’s why yoga makes you more confident and stronger mentally.

When you regularly practice asanas (postures), you must go beyond your thinking and overcome your fear of pain . You then develop a sense of commitment, discipline and concentration, indispensable in the professional world, studies and seduction of course!

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