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When is the best time of day to do yoga?

When is the best time of day to do yoga? 3

If you are serious about your spiritual life, you should meditate at least once a day. If you have a lot of enthusiasm, you can meditate three times a day – early in the morning, at noon or during a lunch break and in the evening. Morning and evening meditations can be longer: 15 minutes or half an hour, while daytime meditation can last only five or ten minutes. If you can not feed your soul three times a day, then please feed it at least once. Feel that the soul is a small divine child. If you do not feed the divine child within you, he can not grow and manifest your inner divine qualities and abilities of your soul.

It is better to meditate well only once a day, in the morning, than to sit five or six times a day with your eyes closed and with pleasant thoughts floating in your head. Every time you meditate, you must feel that you offer the breath of your life to the Supreme and bring to the fore the light of your soul. Only then is your meditation worth something. If you feel that you can meditate with your soul only once, early in the morning, then this is enough. You should see your real possibilities, sincerity, readiness and joy.

When is the best time of day to do yoga? 4


If there is inspiration, it means that you have received the approval of the Almighty, and you will run very quickly. Some people meditate during a lunch break or when they have coffee at their office. It’s fine. But please begin your day with morning meditation . If you act right from the early morning, then you will be inspired the whole day.

Morning meditation is the best

If you meditate in the morning, you will find that your meditation will be most fruitful. Before sunrise, the consciousness of the Earth has not yet been raised. The world has not yet plunged into its daily noise. Nature is quiet and calm and will help your meditation . When nature is fast asleep, the animal in us or our unenlightened consciousness is also asleep. At this time, we are still in the world of giving energy and dreams come true, of which reality can grow. That is why the awakened conscious consciousness can receive the most from meditation early in the morning.

When the day wakes, the Mother Earth is filled with divine energy or undivided anxiety. Especially in the West, because of its inherent dynamism, there is some feeling of irritation in space or in the outer nature. These restless qualities of the world should not penetrate into you, but usually they tend to do it. When people are around in motion, their vibrations immediately penetrate you, no matter where you are. Air, light, everything around you is saturated with vibrations of human activity and human anxieties. The world stands before you like a roaring lion. How can you enter into your highest meditation before a roaring lion? But if you can meditate before the world awakens, when the space is calm and the people around you rest, then you can meditate deeper.

Meditation during the day is very difficult. In the evening, meditation is also a little difficult, because eight or ten hours you were in the crowd and the turmoil of the world. During the day, you met with many unremitting people, and their undivine thoughts and unclean ideas unconsciously penetrated you. Therefore, if you are not internally very strong, you will immediately absorb many unremitting and uninspiring forces from the world. As a consequence, it becomes very difficult to meditate in the evening with the same hope and freshness. If you take a shower before meditation , it will help. If you commune with spiritual people, this will also help.

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In the morning, all these undivine forces and experiences go away from your memory, at least for a while. When you are asleep, everything that is unclean that has come to you from others is washed away. In the hours of your sleep, your soul, like a divine thief, is quietly watching over you. An ordinary thief will steal something from you, and this divine thief will only give and give. If you need peace in a place, the soul will put it there. The soul acts like a mother who quietly comes to the child’s room early in the morning to prepare things for him that will be needed for him in the daytime. At night, while you are sleeping, your soul is given the opportunity to do what is necessary for you. But during the day, when you are immersed in the activities of the external world, it is extremely difficult for the soul to give, and for you to accept. For all these reasons, morning meditation is the best.

Evening meditation

If you can not meditate in the morning, then the next best time is the evening, because in the evening the environment, at least, becomes quiet and full of rest.

In the daytime nature is wild and restless, so your meditation may not be very deep or intense. But in the evening nature prepares to rest and does not interfere with you. When you meditate in the evening, you can look at the setting sun and try to feel that you have become completely one with the cosmic essence. You can feel that your role during the day was played the best way and, like the sun, you are going to retire to rest.

By the evening you get tired and feel that the whole world is also tired. However, there is a slight difference between the relation of the world to truth and your attitude. When the world is tired, it will not be aspiring. He only wants to rest. And you understand that you can overcome fatigue, bringing in more light and energy. When you pray and meditate, at this time a new life and new energy penetrate into you and refresh you.

Sri Chinmoy was born on August 27, 1931 in the small village of Shakpur in East Bengal, now Bangladesh. In the family, Sri Chinmoy was the youngest of seven children. At the age of 13, after the death of his father and then his mother, Madal (Sri Chinmoy’s children’s name in Indian tradition) moved to the ashram of the famous yogi and the founder of the integral yoga of Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry, where, until 1964, Sri Chinmoy studied, worked and practiced spiritual discipline. From a young age, Sri Chinmoy showed remarkable abilities in writing poetry, essays, music and songs, and also achieved significant success in various sports, especially in the sprint and decathlon.

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In 1964, Sri Chinmoy came to New York to offer the secrets of the inner world of aspiration to the modern Western world. Since then, Sri Chinmoy has delivered hundreds of lectures in universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard University, Moscow State University, Yale University and the Sorbonne. In his lectures, Sri Chinmoy reveals the profound meaning of many aspects of human existence. These lectures were published and translated into more than twenty languages.

The life of Sri Chinmoy is an expression of boundless creative potential. His creative potential over the years has been generously manifested in the fields of music, poetry, painting, literature, sports and humanitarian activities. Sri Chinmoy’s contribution to each of these areas is striking. The achievements of Sri Chinmoy are a unique view of the meaning of human existence for the present.

Sri Chinmoy regards man’s aspiration for inner perfection, awareness and manifestation of divinity as the source from which great achievements in the field of art, culture, sport, science and personal development are born. Living in the heart and striving to exceed one’s own achievements, a person manifests the best in himself and finds a way to peace and harmony. In the words of Sri Chinmoy , ” our goal is to move from bright light to a brighter light and the brightest light, from high to higher and higher. And even in the highest there is no end to our progress .”

Sri Chinmoy regularly traveled around the world, giving concerts and lectures, met with world and national leaders. At the same time, Sri Chinmoy discussed issues of world harmony with them. Concerts, lectures, exhibitions of painting and sports competitions of Sri Chinmoy were always conducted free of charge for all comers.

Constant time is important.

Whether you meditate in the morning or in the evening, the most important thing is to do it at a set time. Even an infant asks for mother’s milk at certain times. If you are a shopkeeper and always open the door at nine o’clock, then people will be sure that they can come at nine and your store will indeed be open. Everything has its own hour. Your inner being and your Inner Pilot, the Almighty, always keep an eye on you. If you stick to a certain time, then the Almighty is sure of you. The Almighty says: ” At this hour he does not meddle in idleness, he meditates.” If I offer him anything at this hour, he will definitely be there to receive it . ”

You and God should agree on the exact hour of your daily meeting. If you sleep soundly when He comes at this hour, He will forgive you. If you are not there the next day, you will again be forgiven. But you can not justify yourself. Your unity with God will not allow you to forgive yourself. Your soul will cause you such suffering that you will feel unhappy. The love of your soul for the Highest is very important to you. When your Eternal Friend comes, you as the host want to be ready.

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The human mind is very unreliable. Granted to himself, the ignorant, dark mind will try to prevent you from doing the right things. He will find many pretexts to keep you from realizing the intentions of your soul. But if your aspiration is sincere and intense, the discipline to meditate at the appointed time will help you to combat lethargy and inconstancy of the mind.

When you do not pay attention to countless external objects, you will see that the truth is looking directly at you and gives you the power to discipline your life.

Suppose you want to meditate at six thirty. It’s your chosen time. If you get up at seven, your own lethargy and inaction will take away all your inspiration. On the one hand, your lethargy will try to justify itself. She will penetrate into your conscious mind and say: ” Oh, I came home very late, that’s why I could not get up .” Or: “The last six days I got up at six thirty.As God is very kindness, today He will forgive me .” Your mind has so many ways to justify that you are up late. But even if you came home late, this does not mean that you will not do the most important thing first. The most important thing is meditation ; the most important thing is God.

If, once you start your journey, you do not continue to move towards the goal, you are lost. You might think, ” Today I’m tired, so I’ll stop here and rest. Tomorrow I’ll go again .” But you must know that ignorance is more agile than your own aspiration. As soon as you begin to justify yourself, there will be no end to it. Regularity will tell you that the goal is real. And if you are punctual, then immediately there will be a certain dynamism and movement. Your regularity is like an engine. Since you have an engine, you can go at any time. Punctuality is when you really turn the key and start the engine. With regularity, you get only a vague idea that you will do it. But with punctuality, you really do it.

If you are regular and punctual in your meditation , you will notice your own progress. If you can sincerely and soulfully meditate at a certain hour every day, the time will come when you will become proficient. Then you will be able to meditate, doing something, and you will not need a constant hour. In the end, you can meditate 24 hours a day, even talking with people and doing a variety of daily activities. But for this you need many years, perhaps many lifetimes of practice.

No way will be too difficult for you if you have the gift of God: the belief in yourself.

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