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What is yoga? What are the health benefits of doing it regularly?

What is yoga? What are the health benefits of doing it regularly? 3

What is yoga ?

If you think that yoga is bending and twisting your body into very strange poses, then it’s time to reconsider your ideas. Yoga is much more. If to say in very simple words, it is the care of your body, mind and breath. That’s what yoga is. This implies that yoga practices that have been for many centuries include yoga poses (asanas), respiratory techniques (pranayama) and meditation. With their help, the body, mind and breathing come in harmony with each other. At this very moment and “happens” yoga.

The benefits of yoga for health

Even the most simple yoga exercises, if performed correctly, give a powerful healing effect.

What is yoga? What are the health benefits of doing it regularly? 4


The benefit of yoga for maintaining health is very extensive – yoga not only has a positive effect on the beauty of the body or the state of health of the body, but it can help relieve tension after a day’s work and even bring a sense of well-being in life. Here are ten of the most important benefits and aspects of the influence of yoga on health.

Stress relief

Yoga can reduce the impact of stress on the body, contributing to its relaxation and lowering of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and takes part in intensifying reactions to stress. The effect of reducing cortisol is to preserve the energy of the body.

Relieving pain

Regular yoga exercises can relieve pain in the body. Many people with very serious illnesses have had pain reduction during the daily meditation.

Normalization of breathing

The yoga complex also contains respiratory gymnastics, as a result of which an equal and deep breathing is achieved, the vital volume of oxygen in the lungs increases. Thus, in the body to ensure the normal functioning of all organs gets more life-giving oxygen, and you get the opportunity to learn with deep breathing to control your body and quickly reach rest in stressful situations.

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Flexibility of the body

You will notice that after the first yoga classes there will be more flexibility in your body, providing maximum freedom of movement. Yoga heals tendons, ligaments and muscles, during the sessions of them, lactate-binding lactic acid is actively removed, hence the blessed feeling of lightness throughout the body.

Strengthening of muscles

Yoga involves all muscle groups, including even deep muscles, located in close proximity to the bones. Thanks to this, your body is literally poured with heroic strength.

Weight Control

Due to a decrease in the body level of cortisol decreases absorption and increases fat burning: from daily yoga, you lose weight quite noticeably and without harm to health. The benefit of yoga, therefore, is evident here.

Improvement of blood circulation

Yoga strengthens the condition of the walls of blood vessels and increases their elasticity. As a result, you will notice the normalization of blood pressure.


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