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Learning to fulfill Shavasana – body posture

Learning to fulfill Shavasana - body posture 5

At first glance, Shavasana sink into a deep sleep, indicating that a large pereutomlyaemosti during the working day. Let’s try to figure out how to correctly perform Shavasana to achieve maximum relaxation.

As a rule,  
Savasana must be included in the program of daily yoga classes, but sometimes the instructor either ignore this position, recommending restart later, or give it no more than 5 minutes. Meanwhile, for the full depth of relaxation is necessary, at least 15 minutes. Unfortunately, yoga class time is limited, and the instructor can not devote a lot of time Shavasana. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to perform Shavasana home. Practice corpse pose at any time of the day, when it is convenient: in the framework of the daily morning yoga, instead of afternoon coffee or evening, after work, before they do household chores. The main thing is to try to perform Shavasana at the same time.

Most people believe that they have too little time to devote 15 minutes
Shavasana . But try to find the time, refusing, for example, watching television, correspondence in social networks, etc. At the same time think of the practice Shavasana not as a daily duty, but as a gift to yourself. Performing the asanas will not only improve your health, but also make you more cheerful and friendly. Well-rested, well-balanced person adequately respond to emerging challenges and has a much better chance of finding the right solution.

Learning to fulfill Shavasana - body posture 6

For basic variations Shavasana needed silence, smooth surface, a blanket or pillow.
For total relaxation, you can use a soft blindfold and another blanket, which you can cover to keep warm. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes. Lie down on your back. Under the head, place a small pillow or folded blanket so that the neck was also on the anvil, and his chin dropped below the level of the forehead. Relax your feet and let the feet fall apart to the sides. Drop your hands along the body, palms up, spreading them wide enough to relax your shoulders. You should have a feeling that the body is expanded in an effort to occupy all the available space in the room. Do 20 breaths, gradually lengthening breaths. Then stop to control the breath, allow your body to sink to the floor and watch your thoughts, not clinging to them, to let them gradually. When you hear the timer signal, exhale, slowly bend your knees and turn to the right side, pulling your knees to your chest. Open your eyes and helping himself with his hands, get up slowly, thus raising the head of the latter.

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Staying in Shavasana long enough, eventually you will begin to distinguish three stages poses.
The first stage – physical relaxation. Do you feel that your mind is still active, it clings to the thought, reacts to the movement of muscles. But gradually the vibrations of the mind and breathing slows, blood pressure falls. When the mind and the body is completely relaxed, real Savasana begins. During the second stage dulled perception of the outside world. He seemed to float away from you further and further. You hear the sound, but they do not bother you. In the final stage Shavasana you feel completely disconnected from the outside world, as long as the call timer will not return your mind to reality. Practicing Shavasana, give it enough time to achieve at least its second stage. Someday you will come to the third stage, but do not be discouraged if it does not work yet.

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