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Yoga for the face

Yoga for the face 3

In the struggle for eternal youth, women forget the most important thing: no matter how much cream is applied to the face, muscles of the face, eyelids, or whether it is the muscles of the forehead, over the years lose their elasticity. To combat facial wrinkles and maintain facial muscle tone technique of yoga for the face has been developed. It combines the traditional method of training the muscles of the face and neck with elements of classical yoga. Performing special exercises on a yoga program for the face can withstand the gravitational effects, and age-related changes, which undergoes facial skin over the years.

To date, there are several founders of yoga techniques for the face.
Most known – American Analysis Hegen (Face yoga) and Marie-Veronkoy Nade (Facelift). Both women have achieved good results in the fight against the signs of aging with the help of facial exercises and writing on each of the book became famous.

Yoga Facial Analysis Hegen

Features yoga techniques for face

The practice of yoga for the face requires emotional calm and mental concentration.
Otherwise, the practice becomes commonplace in the gym for the face, the mechanical performance of which is not able to deeply affect a person's mental state and give him an emotional release.

the practice of yoga for the face consists of several main components:

The first part aims to work with the muscles of the face and neck.
Yoga exercises for the face - it is funny faces, combined with massage. Part of the exercises are based on countering: facial muscles straining, pressing them lightly with your fingers, making it difficult to move. This increases the load and at the same time protects the skin from stretching.

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First performed exercises for tightening the muscles of the lower face and neck.
With these exercises there is prevention of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, improves blood circulation of the scalp, which is the prevention of hair loss, eye diseases, ENT diseases.

Then performed exercises directly on the face and head muscles.
Strengthening them leads to rectify sagging cheeks, smooth out the wrinkles of nasolabial triangle, corrective jawline and tightening of the upper eyelid, as well as to strengthen the muscles of the ear, which entails improvement of all facial contours.


for the face not only includes exercises to strengthen the muscles of the face, but also taught to relax, to let go of tension in the muscles of the face and the entire body. Under this second part of the practice involves performing asanas, pranayama and meditation. Uses asanas that give development the main body muscle groups (abdominal muscles, back, thighs and buttocks) and asanas, whose action is aimed at strengthening the flow of blood to the face and head, which results in body toning and rejuvenation of the skin, due to to improve its food.

Then, perform breathing exercises of yoga, the purpose of which is to increase the inflow of vital energy.
The final part of the session is to meditation and relaxation. It gives rest and consolidation of the results of occupation.

Useful properties of yoga for the face

Regular practice of yoga facial toning all the muscles of the face and neck, improve blood circulation, helping to smooth wrinkles and prevent new ones.
Facial yoga develops mobility of facial muscles, relieves spasms and eliminates the problems associated with excessive or uneven muscle tension.

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Like other yoga direction, facial yoga develops mindfulness, because it teaches us to control muscles, tensing and relaxing the muscles of their own volition, and not spontaneously arise in the wake of the emotions.
At the same time practice becomes closer to the process of the emergence of emotions, learning to calmly react to events in their lives.

Yoga exercises for the face are easy, but it is important to do them regularly.
Yoga for the face can be practiced in special classes in yoga studios. It is desirable to do 2-3 hours a week. You should not overdo it, too, because very frequent long time practices can stretch the skin on the face. Yoga exercises for the face can also be performed at home. Adherents of these exercises say that if you deal with every day just for 5-10 minutes, the effect will be noticeable within a week.

Tips for the practice of yoga for the face

  • Yoga Face is contraindicated in those who have a severe skin disease.

  • Those who have fragile vessels of the skin, it should be carefully and accurately perform the exercises, to do no harm.

  • The best time to practice is the morning after sleep or a night out.

  • Before practice, it is necessary to clean the skin from make-up and you can apply a nourishing cream.

  • Catching up on their own, should gradually increase the duration of the workout, starting with five minutes a day.

Facial Exercises

As an example, a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the face.
This complex can be performed at home.

hot ball

Type in your mouth a little air and form a ball of it.
Move the ball under the right cheek, a lower lip, a left cheek, under the upper lip (clockwise and in the opposite direction). Stay a couple of seconds. Repeat 5-6 times. Use: prevention and correction of sagging cheeks, nasolabial triangle smoothing wrinkles, correction of the chin line.

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Movement chin

Pull the chin forward as you can and hold for a few seconds.
Then retract it inside and also stop. Then move to the right, stay. Move left, and stop again. Quickly move the jaw from left to right. Repeat the cycle 5-6 times. Benefits: Improvement of the oval of the lower face, double chin removed, strengthens muscles of the neck and cheeks.

Charging cheeks

On exhalation tense muscles of the cheeks, lips and bite the teeth and stay in such position a few seconds.
On the inhale slowly relax your face. Repeat five times. The benefits: improved blood circulation of muscles, corrected shape of the face, the neck muscles are strengthened.

Air kiss

Strongly pull the lips, folded like a kiss, stay in this position.
Relax. Repeat 6 times. Use: tightened cheeks and chin, freshens the complexion.

false wink

Make facial muscles such a move, though blink his left eye (the eye remains open), linger.
The same thing - the right eye. Repeat the cycle 5 - 6 times. Benefits: strengthening muscles of the upper part of the face. Prevention of bags under the eyes and bruises.

smooth forehead

Completely smooth the forehead, scalp muscles controlling (directing effort up and back).
Eyes at the same time widen. Hold for a few seconds, relax your muscles. Repeat 5-6 times. Use: prevention of transverse wrinkles on the forehead and the nose, eyebrows preventing lowering.


10-minute set of exercises for the face-lift


3 yoga asanas for a beautiful oval face

Postisometric relaxation of the facial muscles

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