4 Tips for Finding Calm When Your Life Is Chaos

4 Tips for Finding Calm When Your Life Is a Chaos 3

Surely if you’re like me, you’re an ax planning every detail of your work, events, meetings, holidays, renewals, appointments … However, from time to time, plans can fail.

Tom, a family man, decided to take their loved ones to a trip to your favorite destination, Australia. It was a well-deserved gift for your family of four while wil school holidays.

Those who have been in the region of Byron Bay in Australia, know that it is a place with beautiful beaches, rolling green hills, organic cafés, places where meditation and yoga centers, and an unusual energy that permeates the atmosphere.

As you can imagine, they were excited and full of anticipation and joy for your vacation. They planned they would do once there, places to see, and they carry. What they had not planned was the cyclone that loomed on the first day of stay in Australia, was not prepared for that or for power lines that were destroyed by the cyclone, the rivers flooded, power outages and canceled flights.

Have you ever had that experience where things do not go according to plan?

It may not have been as extreme as a cyclone or maybe you had a more extreme experience yet. No matter what the plan failed, disappointment and effects can still be felt very real remembering those chaotic experiences.

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How do you cope with unforeseen life? Do you dive into the disaster and you see a sea with no land in sight?

Do you live those memories and you feel emotionally worn?

Life is like the surface of the ocean: it has ups and downs. Every day and every moment there is the possibility of ups and downs. Most of us live life in that thin layer of relativity, on the surface of the ocean where all our experiences are based on the ebb and flow of the randomness of life. And that is why we are so subject to the ups and downs, and we tend to always go to any changes and unexpected event to appear.

How you could then live in a state of calm and coherence when there is so much chaos and relativity in life?

In a word: Transcending .

What is the significance? It is the process of overcoming the layer of relativity in meditation, and go beyond the randomness of life. There are deeper layers of consciousness that immerse us beyond the realm of the subjective.

This place is called Pure Consciousness. It is a field where you are awake and conscious and one is neither in the past nor in the future, or the white or the black, or evil or good. It is a place of stillness, silence, non-change. Every day when you meditate, you can connect with the deepest level of life. It is like the deepest layer of the ocean, which is calm regardless of what happens in the constantly changing surface.

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So amid cyclone, falls, blackouts, traffic jams, canceled vacation, flooding and flights canceled lines, there is a silence observed that surface in the distance, imperturbable, without nervousness, and consciously joyful.

Then you will see 4 Ways to begin the journey towards a pure conscience:

1. Find something to be thankful in the midst of chaos.

If you find it hard to see him immediately, looking deeper. There is always something to be grateful. You may have it not immediately clear in the midst of a disaster, but it ‘s there. Change your focus from negative to positive may be what you need to find some peace in the situation where you are. Estate grateful that you and your family safe ye, be thankful for being healthy and for the gift of life.

2. compassionate.

Canceled flights, traffic jams, disasters, etc., often can cause panic, anger, disappointment or frustration. Remember to be nice, especially since you are going in the same boat as you, is an example of kindness to transmit it to others. We can yell and scream and influence others to react like us, or we can offer our help and support. Small acts of kindness can create a wave of love and compassion. Look for ways to assist those who need support you.

3. Be creative. If your plan has not gone as you planned What can you do instead ?.

How can you get the best out of the situation where these? Can you find the fun part of the situation and be creative to cheer up those around you and finally be able to have a good time together? Remember: Every day we create new memories. If this moment feels like it could be a bitter memory to remember, think of a way to change it . Make those who are with you smile and laugh and find a little light on the situation.

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4. Be silent. Often when chaos is formed, our mind can join.

We can start thinking about the future we want, how and when, so rejoice in the new plans. Anxiety and panic increase with worry and think too much about what might happen. What happens will happen. Practice to focus your attention on now, sit and meditate.

Look for ways to be present at this time, accept what happened does not make sense right now, but soon you’ll understand why you had this experience, and you and those around you will have learned something from this, every moment are life lessons .

The above tips will become your lifestyle when you have them present in your mind. The state of Pure Consciousness has your name.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Tom Cronin – www.mindbodygreen.com)

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