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how to overcome depressionIn life it is extremely important not feel so sore, discouraged and unwilling to do anything. Despite suffering sad experiences such as illness, death of a family member, separation, job loss or for many other reasons that would make us believe that we are in a deep pit with no way out. But beware, we are required by our own well-being and overall health, get out of there and overcome depression.

Seeking activities that motivate you and fill you with joy, improve your skills cognitive, social and help you in solving problems.

Struggle to overcome depression, trust yourself and your abilities to solve the adversities of life. Know yourself, the key is to recognize what makes us good and what hurts us. To overcome the adversities that cause you overcome depression and overcome your own fears and remember to get out of that hole in which you feel being.

Arise, remember that you have a life ahead that God has given you so you get everything you’ve always wanted and prove how important and useful it can become for humanity.

Depression is just a state of mind that you have to overcome. This makes you think you’re weak and you gave up but you know very well that it is not. You said your problems, Pour, have a future ahead and a lot to fight back, neck you are alone, God is always there to listen, overcome depression now !!

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Chest out situations you’ve tried to avoid and that provoke insecurity, restlessness or fear. Overcomes depression fighting for everything you’ve always wanted so improving yourself and setting goals in your life.

A good practice is to set aside time daily to relax, not put off by the accelerated life of humanity. Activities such as practicing deep breathing or relaxation, are very good and help you in solving your problems, improving your discernment and decision-making.

Develop your self – esteem, accept yourself as you are, running all such activities that will generate enthusiasm and motivate you. Always have positive thoughts, find the positive side to all things have.

Sometimes it is necessary to review and accept your emotions , no matter whether they are not pleasant. Improved relations with the people around you, with your environment in general. This will make things much easier and allow you to overcome depression. Try to have peace of mind leaving quiet rest your mind, do not pay attention to that kind of thoughts that come to you, live the present and now, from moment to moment, let yourself flow . Having a clear mind, live in harmony, to know and understand everything around us, you will not make things much easier.

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Elias Berntsson / Francisco Vidal

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