2 Reasons Why Fall in Love with Yourself and How to Get It

Jen Louden, a pioneer of the movement on the importance of personal care with his book The Woman’s Comfort Book , has devoted the last 23 years teaching women to relieve pressure stress, strain, mental perfectionism, and explore facet fall in love with yourself to love those around you, because without love and self acceptance, all we do is hurt other people.

According to Jen, they are today self-care and self-esteem seen as paths to inner peace, and as essential for us to function as complete individuals. We have many experts talking about it, and this is fantastic, but at the same time can be somewhat disruptive for 2 reasons:

1. Self – care and self – love can become oppressors of the “shoulds” that we impose to achieve our full potential, becoming a list of demands that, if we fail to deliver, makes us feel some failed in our mission.

2. It becomes something that everyone is experiencing, but on your part you feel separate from it, something that you could not experience.

In both cases, fall in love with yourself , the rest reaching the sweet home of your interior, becomes something distant for your senses, a wall that can not cross, you wilted without knowing what’s between you and what most yearn and deserve.

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If this sounds familiar, these points will take you back to your own heart:

1. Make room for everything.

How to fall in love with yourselfWhen you realize you’re being cruel to yourself, do not try to strive to be kind to you. Instead, tell yourself:

There is room for all, there is room for these thoughts also accept them . I remind myself that I have to force anything, when I accept my condition it finds peace because I am not my thoughts, I am a perfect creation of God. “

2. Recognizes that can sulk and feel pessimistic.

Imagine the garden of the poem that Rumi wrote, reads: “Somewhere, beyond good and evil, there is a garden … There I’ll wait.” It is a wide and large garden where you do not have to make room for him, you do not even have to mow the lawn or prune the branches. Just know that it is already in you.

3. Contact your desires.

“Desire is the flow of life in which we long dive, the urge to be one with the spirit, and the way to stay connected to this flow is through to know why you want without insisting get it. We are left with the feeling of desire, following him with curiosity, which brings us closer and closer to what we want most. All desire, deep down, is a longing to be loved and to be one with all that it is. “

The foregoing paragraph Jen wrote in his book The Life Organizerand . The opposite of forcing yourself to love yourself, is to contact your sincere desire, that desire that comes from your heart and do not cause any pain.

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4. Follow any feeling for being free, and be gentle with yourself.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is by asking: “What I really want right now? Is this love even here I want? “.

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5. Move away from the drama.

When you realize chains you wear piggybacked by such thoughts as: “I am not worthy of being loved” , tell your self the following: “You’re so adorable with so many thoughts you procesas !, but they are a absolute truth is relative, because thoughts are like the weather. If Wayne Dyer or Oprah Winfrey called you right now and tell you how great you are, I’m sure your thoughts would be different. So stop worrying and enjoy. “

6. Show her love to someone.

Do something small, kind and anonymous by someone else. Buy her a coffee to that person sitting behind you every day at the bar, send a postcard of love without referring to an author or person you admire, write a glowing review on Amazon of one of your favorite books. When you do something like this, you feel peace deep within you.

7. Love begets love.

It is important to remember that self-love is not a place where permanent residence, it is a state where we cultivate an open heart, he always welcomes us to our home. Let us open the world’s connect with him because when we give what we have, the result is that we reap love, receiving without measure. By elle it’s time to fall in love with yourself!

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I invite you to leave a brief comment with what you’ve learned from this article by saying what you do to improve starting today.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

Source: Jen Louden – www.mindbodygreen.com

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