5 exercises to Develop your intuition

Develop your intuition silva method

Would you like to make reference your intuition to make good decisions, rightly guide you through life and get where you always wanted?

In advanced Silva Method program to develop your intuition you can learn many techniques, exercises and tools for life unleash your intuitive abilities.

On it, intuition, I talked a few days ago. That surefire way to make informed decisions, solve problems and be more successful in every aspect of your life compass is within you … and you’re probably not getting the most out of it.

If you have not read the article “intuition: a shortcut to your goals” you can do it now.

It will help you understand exactly what it is, how it works and what techniques you can use to develop it and use it to your advantage.

We agreed that your intuition can do much for you .

So why, for the interest that the subject woke up and because we want to make your life even better, we have selected for you 5 exercises with the intention of you develop even more this ‘sixth sense’ that is not thought but listen . Would you like to read?


1) meditation to develop intuition

An excellent exercise to develop intuition is meditating. It is proven that daily meditation is not only necessary to develop intuition, but also prepares the mind for information that often overlooked.

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To meditate you can use the technique that works best for you, but the important thing is that you do every day.

Sit in a comfortable place where your back is straight and your feet on the ground.

Let the chair absorb all your weight, you’ll feel like relaxing and as stress and worries go away. Focus on your breath, relax and try to silence your thoughts to listen to your inner voice.

The more you meditate, the faster you develop your intuition.

In the program Silva Intuition Training We teach more than twenty techniques and exercises specifically designed to help you develop your intuition and make it second nature.

If you want to learn how to develop your intuitive powers and use them to make better decisions, and know which way to walk you through the “unerring compass” that we all have but very few use we invite you to read more by clicking here.

He thinks that when you meditate the body reduces stress and promotes concentration, but also improve your creative powers and your ability to learn expands.
Incorporate meditation into your daily habits is the best choice to start developing intuition.

2) Exercise display landscapes

Display has a huge force to develop intuition. Therefore, there are different exercises that help improve the intuitive ability. This is one of them:

1. Close your eyes and breathe gently. Then try to feel infinite peace.

2. Visualize a place you will transmit calm and security. Observe carefully and do not miss any details. What’s your flavor? Windy? Think green nature in the whispers of the waves, in the golden meadow caressed by the wind … think of all the details you can and Memorize them .

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3. Take a deep breath, open your eyes and come back to reality. You’ll feel much better, and not only that: your intuition, if you do it often, it will benefit.

3) employs the subconscious while sleeping

Another effective way to increase your intuitive abilities exercise is to use your subconscious during sleep.

Just before going to bed, reflect on the questions and issues that remain unanswered or solution during the day. Think and includes different possibilities; This will activate your imagination and your subconscious will work to find creative solutions while you sleep.

That’s right: make sure you have pen and paper handy so that when you wake up with great ideas, either at midnight or in the morning, you can write them down.

This is a simple exercise, and also results You’d be amazed!

4) Display with geometric figures

As mentioned, visualization is an important factor to develop intuition. By incorporating geometric figures also we will be stimulating the right brain: the creative side.

1. Display a white screen in front of you.

2. Projects on it a geometric figure: a square, a triangle, a circle or any other you can think of . Keep it for a few minutes before switching to another figure you choose.

3. Rest a few seconds and combines the previously mentioned figures; for example, imagine a triangle within a circle.

Practice this exercise often combined with meditation, also you get to develop your intuition effectively.

5) Trust your hunches

Another way to develop your intuition is paying attention.

If when you have to make an important decision you feel that any of the options does not make you feel good, then it is not correct. Each person needs emotions and different situations, and what is good for one to another may be totally wrong.

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We must listen to our inner voice.

How many times have you had that feeling in my stomach that drives you to do something for no apparent reason? Hearing those hunches you’ll probably helped avoid a traffic accident, or led you to be in the right place at the right time to get that job, or bump into that special person who is now part of your life.

Your intuition is your inner guide, so you must learn to trust her. You may initially scare you a little idea of ​​starting to leave your choices in their hands, but it is precisely what will allow you to develop it further.

Improve your intuition benefits physical, mental and emotional health. Are you ready to develop it?

What did you think these exercises? Are you going to put them into practice? Tell us your experiences and concerns, we love reading them! And besides, they can serve us always offer the best information????