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How has practicing yoga changed your life?

How has practicing yoga changed your life? 5
 Yoga came to my life without me knowing that it was yoga. My father was a self-taught yogi, he made the postures following a book of an “Indian Lord” (I do not remember the name) and he taught us yoga as if it were a game. Then the exams began, the stress of the institute and the next lesson of my father was to calm down with my breathing, practicing full breaths. I had no idea that it was yoga …
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How has practicing yoga changed your life? 6

Years passed, I started to work: too many hours in front of the computer, pinching everywhere, shoulders falling more and more, posture in the chair every day worse … The trigger to decide to do something was an improvised yoga class at the party Christmas from work. This was how I checked my null, strength and flexibility. It was totally rusty. I decided to take yoga classes, although I did not know what to expect, a few years ago and I was not as fashionable as now. As much as you read to know  What is yoga?  you will not really know until you try it.

Now I look back, I take stock and I realize how much yoga has changed me.


1. Flexibility . My flexibility was nil, there are witnesses that can corroborate it, making a  forward bend  ( Uttanasana ) my hands were about 50 cm from the ground, and that I have long arms … Now my head rubs the knees and the palm of the hand touches the floor.

2. Strength . Positions like chaturanga were impossible for me. I chaturanga called it “body to earth”, I was completely thrown away, now I keep it and even dare with some variant.

7 Things that yoga changed in my life

3. Correct the posture . My future was clear, or so I thought, I was going to become “The Hunchback of Notre Dame “, every day was more stooped. Little by little I have corrected the position of my shoulders, which have returned to their place, upright way and I can maintain a correct posture without effort sitting in front of the computer.

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4. Breathe . Yes, we all know how to breathe, but until I started practicing yoga I was not aware of how I breathed . Now I also know different types of breaths that can help me relax or charge energy as needed. 5. Live the present . No matter what happened or what will happen, yoga anchors you to the present. Yoga teaches you to live the moment, concentrate only on what you are doing . A yoga class can be considered a meditation in movement: you have to concentrate on breathing, posture, alignment … The mind is focused on the present, there is no room for more!

How has practicing yoga changed your life? 7

6. Overcoming capacity. Some postures are very intense and you have to fight against your mind, which tells you: “- Lower your leg …” Overcome that instant you realize that you can really take it a little longer. This feeling of overcoming you end up moving to the rest of your life and in the end everything is rewards! 7. Improves self-esteem. I feel stronger, with greater control of my body and my mind, aware of my ability to overcome and all this makes me feel better.

These are my feelings, I’m still learning every day and I hope I never stop learning. Yoga may not be for everyone, maybe you try it and it does not get you hooked.

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