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How do I breathe when meditating?

How do I breathe when meditating? 3

How to breathe correctly to meditate

If you are one of those who accumulate tensions daily and do not know what method to adopt to avoid stress, surely this article will give you a healthy and very relaxing option. I’ll explain how to breathe correctly to meditate .

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How do I breathe when meditating? 4


Meditation is one of the tools brought from ancestral cultures to connect with itself and maintain a balance between mind, body and spirit. Among other things, I tell you that the act of meditating gives you many health benefits mainly by releasing stress , the main factor of some diseases.

Maintain an ideal position

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As a first step you must adopt a suitable position . Sit with your back straight, do not strain your spine . Comfort is the basis of good meditation . This done, close your eyes, feel connected to the Universe and visualize how the problems of your life come out.

Rhythmic respiration

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After sitting, with your eyes closed and your mind relaxed, the next step is to breathe . Feel the air entering through your nose and out through your mouth. Live to the full this moment. This exercise is known as rhythmic breathing .

Longer breaths

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When you implement the inhalation and exhalation, you can vary in your ways of breathing . You can do it in longer periods, I mean the moment in which the air comes in and out, visualize yourself in peace and maintain an attitude of stillness.

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Bee buzz

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Bee humming is the most common type of breathing in meditation . If you want to implement it, you should keep your mouth closed and your teeth slightly separated. It continuously emits a hum throughout the expiration, tries to be uniform and with a moderate volume.

The key is harmony

Breathing correctly to meditate will not only be useful in the practice of meditation , on the contrary in your daily life you can implement these movements, as I taught you in the Wilfart method , the basic thing is to be aware that you are the center of the universe and that you live in perfect agreement with all the beings that inhabit it.

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