How to Stop Being Insecure and Stay Peaceful

We all have circumstances that feel bad, unsafe or offended, someone who does not treat us well, health problems, an unfinished project … God did not promise us that never would pass through difficulties, what did promise is that we could have peace in the midst of they.

Just because things do not go as expected, does not mean we become frustrated. The key is to not let the storm between us . For example, a ship that is sailing is surrounded by water, it is normal, there is no problem, the problem would be that water entered this. Similarly, you can be surrounded by problems in different areas of life: a, family, personal, etc. work level, but without letting these problems come within you, without allowing through the storm within you.

God wants you to be stable when you’re in adversity, you continue calm and peaceful. Thus, you hold a position of power, and being alone you show God to trust him. The scriptures say that those who believe are at rest, because they have the assurance that God has something better for them. Some have long been letting circumstances determine whether to be happy or not. You need to be firm and say “Enough !, worry I’ll be at peace.” This God (the universe) mode work in your life.

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How to get rid of insecurity and Quedarte in PeaceNote that stress weakens the immune system, and some people, for example, do not heal their illness because they worry all the time. Although they go to sleep, his mind is spinning. They spend time worrying drains your energy stealing your creativity, and therefore do not make good decisions.

The scriptures say you can not add one centimeter to your height worrying. Worry is like a rocking chair always moves but not going anywhere. Deep in your spirit must have rest, you should know that God has you in the palm of your hand . So stand still and acknowledge that there is a God, a greater force. If you have inner peace, he will give wisdom and strength because being in peace, we will be one with that force majeure.

There will be times in life where you feel that everything is out of your control, but in the midst of the difficulties there is a place of peace that you can go. It can bring peace outside if there is inside . Peace is knowing that God is there in the midst of trouble, not get rid of all the enemies, nor settle all accounts, peace is not to let these events reach the interior.

So do not wait until all your problems are resolved to stop worrying and wait until the other are those who change, because if that’s the attitude you have, there will always be something that will keep you upset or frustrated. You decide that you’re going to have fair peace amid the storm.

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How to get rid of insecurity and Quedarte in Peace

Deep sea waters are always calm, while the surface constantly change as the wind blows. Deep in your spirit you must have inner peace, in quietness and confidence shall be your strength. When you worry you live superficially because you can not control the wind or externally , but internally we can control, how we are inside. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how we respond to it.

While you live, you will never escape the challenges or trials or adversity. Learn to go down to the depths, because the surface is very changeable. Recognizes that God is in control and nothing can wrest control him. God will not allow a difficulty unless there is a purpose in it. If you keep your peace, the creator will work in your favor. For example: “I received a bad medical report” , then he declares: “Thank you Lord because you have healed me, but if it happens, keep in peace , because you have me in your hands and I know you created me with a perfect purpose.”

Keep in mind that life is too short to live offended, upset or discouraged . Therefore, be sure to wear shoes peace. If your marriage is bad now, do not worry, everything will be fine; If your child is diverted, if others speak ill of you if you do not see you out your finances if you had big plans that were not fulfilled, if the person with whom you went was not the right person, do not inmutes because god will have prepared better.

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Do not be bitter then, not stop dreaming big, since God says: “My presence will go with you, I will give you peace.” (Ex 33). Remember that if God feeds the birds, how much more do to take care of you. If you have a disappointment, it is that awaits a new beginning.

Finally, the storms of life come to us all, but the challenge today is: Do not let the storm into you, be at peace! , That’s your position of power. When you are at peace, not only live more healthfully, but also God promises to change your living situation and you’re the winner.

 A hug,

Elias Berntsson

Source: Joel Osteen

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