What to Do in the Face of Disregard by Someone? |

What to Do in the Face of Disregard by Someone? | 3

If you’ve come to feel underrated, undervalued or underestimated in any way and if in addition to this show, low self-esteem will be quite difficult for you to enjoy a full and happy life.

You need to keep in mind that always love and happiness go hand in hand, but love is not only that positive feeling toward others but to oneself. Here is included respect for the manifestation of what we are, respect for our physical characteristics and personality, respect for our identity, to our ideologies, to the place where we come from, etc. Let others perceive some of it in our lives as negative or inadequate, it is just that, from “a perception”, but how many perceptions in the world ?, perhaps equivalent to almost the same number of people that exist in the planet. So what is someone opine on you for good or bad is entirely relative, since there is no absolute truth. What do exist are happy, loving and healthy results or conversely, unhappy results, unloved and unwholesome, but this will be assessed from the mind of every human being.

Consistent with this, it is then necessary to strengthen or improve self-esteem first, since the behavior and contempt for some reason come from outside through others lose importance in our lives affect us leaving.

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The key is simply to ignore those unwanted behaviors is concerned for example, derogatory comments, sarcastic laughter, arrogant looks, actions of exclusion and others. Sometimes this alone is enough, because who despises generally seeks you feel bad, however, if you “normal or usual” note not “feed” their desire to continue doing what it does negatively toward you. Of course, if to ignore reaches not be enough and you are continually being exposed to criticism and abuse in all its forms, you need to take away, stay away from that person, even if that person is a family member. It is not growing rancor, but emotional health, which is closely related to physical health. This is not to spend his life arguing with that person for injuries has prompted us, it is away, wishing him good, you can keep on learning about love, but you being free of these behaviors that go subtracting you energy , that energy you require to successfully advance on the way of life you have chosen to travel. This is not necessarily if not want- not become never talk to that person, but to establish a separate communication, perhaps a different role coupled with a new attitude that now limits put on the relationship becomes apparent.

In these cases, I also suggest you to repeat again and again this statement created by the famous writer and therapist Louise Hay: “I forgive you for not being like I wanted you. I forgive you and leave you free. ” Do it often (it’s never too) with a sincere and deep intention for liberation and peace.

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Similarly, you can be useful to expand your level of understanding to take you rather than judging precisely this attitude of judging others (which is becoming a vicious circle) to go further and see that possibly that being too he was despised at some point and has yet to grow in love because maybe has not contacted directly with an experience of unconditional love. More understand this, of course, does not mean you receive your contempt, but will serve at least to mitigate the bad taste that this ends up creating.

After you apply these tips to help you break free from toxic emotions of this kind of situation as a “renovated” heart seeks the creation of new links, try to approach new people with whom you feel an honest, empathetic attitude, brotherhood, joy and unconditional acceptance, so that you can start to vibrate at a new frequency, the end of the day everything is composed of energy at the deepest level, including thoughts.

Here and now love yourself and value yourself without waiting for someone else to do it for you. Love yourself and respect yourself so you do not have (the material things eventually end) but for what are in essence. You accept what you like or do not like about yourself and in any case, be assured that you can always turn that you see as a weakness in most of the strengths. Dare to build positive relationships and close those that not only bear fruit but wasting vital energy. You’ll notice that in your new relationships manifest an increasingly wise version of you that will be nurtured through each experience.

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Today, as always, is a good day to embrace you with love and believe in you!

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