To improve your self-esteem stop obsessing

To improve your self-esteem stop obsessing 3I’ll ask you some questions to see if you’re obsessive, you have to answer yes or no:

-¿Te left wondering after a conversation about what you said or could have said?

You think you’re sad or alone / a, or that costs you a
lot of focus, or your weaknesses
or you’re a failure?

-¿Te trouble sleeping because you get thinking?

-¿Te happens that you get something in your head and you can not stop thinking about it?

Are you from those who doubt much?

When you think too much you get stuck, you will faith to doubts, you can not think clearly … But just think what gives us the solution. Obsessive thought or useless thought is the same, could be compared to yeast because suddenly we become obsessed with something and started to spin and round and grows in our minds to the point of exhausting ourselves.

They say that was a person who counted the steps that led from home to work, and if the number of steps was not accurate upon arrival, returned home to start again. If you identify a little with that you have read this you have to regain peace of mind.

Ways to regain peace of mind and stop being obsessive:

1. Learn to ignore your mind.
When you start having obsessed, mulling over things (yourself what notes) do something else at the time. Go for a walk, call someone, go do your favorite activity, turn on the radio, put loud music, go to have a coffee with a friend / a, turn on the TV, etc. No matter what you do but do something to ignore that useless thoughts it does not bring anything good.

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2. If you are a believer like me, your life based on God’s promises and always have faith and hope. They did a study in which they found that people who are believers and practitioners, live longer and have less mental stress because they care less for their problems by leaving them in the hands of God.

3. To have peace of mind and improve your self-esteem stop wanting to control everything, to be a perfectionist. Failures and mistakes are an important part when it comes to succeed, without them we would not see the way to go. “Failures are the best teachers.”

4. To have peace of mind and improve your self-esteem focus on your dreams, your passion, think big and forget the details.

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To improve your self – esteem stop obsessing


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