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Yoga will help bring back a healthy back!

Yoga will help bring back a healthy back! 5

Problems with the spine, without exaggeration, can be called a “disease” of the century, along with cancer and AIDS. Once Homo erectus was the person sitting at the computer – there was the root of the problem, the fruits of which are now reaping the many. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of information about how to create and maintain the correct posture and muscular system, a small number of specialists who can help – it all looks pretty sad. In fact, now in solving the problems with the spine, perhaps, the same chaos as in the 90 years in the field of “sorcery” and “witchcraft”. Are taken to help everyone, but few can really help. Even as a yoga teacher, I know only a few specialists who really helped yourself and help other people. However, in general we can say that the approach yogaterapii and Qigong in the long-term benefit when it comes to serious back problems. As they say, with all the richness of choice there is no alternative:Yoga
solves problems, injections and tablets can only delay it.

Such diagnoses as low back pain, spondylosis, herniated disc – not a “definitive diagnosis”, it is treated!
It is important to understand that in the event of serious problems with the spine, the decision – always complex, and if you offer a “quick method”, which includes only one item of the following – it is not an option. One symptomatic treatment issue is not solved, as if it did not look tempting! In regard to the spine, the subjective feeling that “nothing hurts, everything went” can sometimes be deceiving, temporary.

Proper treatment of the spine, when there are no longer just a discomfort, and medical diagnosis, includes the following components: introduction to the lesion locally anesthetics, use of analgesics, neuroorthopedic event, the appointment of antisense and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and sometimes also means removing vascular disorders.

spine therapy involves three main points, in addition to symptomatic relief of conditions that will allow to sleep, to work, to live without pain for a while for the subsequent structural solution to the problem: the correction of the spine directly state, correction of muscle corset and work with the vascular system.

The above – the objective scientific facts.
But without yogaterapii or its analogues all this “dead poultices.” Because there is another important factor that our gallant doctors (honor and praise them, because they help a lot of people!) Is often overlooked – factor casual: behavioral and psychological, which, in fact, is the root of the problem. No matter how different picture of the disease in different patients, and no matter how different methods of effective treatment unites all people with spinal problems one: somewhere in their life is skewed.

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Let it not seem a cruel joke, but the spine misalignment comes from the “distortions” (figuratively) in the patient’s life!
For example, if you – a scoliosis or osteochondrosis, do not convince yourself that “it’s hereditary,” although a small percentage of inheritance here and can sometimes be, he is miserable, it is acquired, “deserved” the disease! Spinal hernia – this is not just some abstract “bad
karma “: hernia does not fly as bacillus infection through the air! The spine is never random disease. One hundred percent of that person for years to turn out the situation, which ultimately led to the emergence of a hernia or other pathological diagnosis. Recall that in the theory of yoga diseases manifest themselves with a thin layer (of thought, philosophy) – through the middle (food, motor, and other habits, and exercise routine day) to the most brutal – just have a physical body and his health \ illness. That is, as would be fantastic as it may seem to someone at the deepest level of the spine problems are rooted not in the wrong motor patterns, and in the perception of the world, in the sphere of reason, and should definitely be with her to work in parallel, or in some cases – after removal of an acute condition. Here, as in the treatment of drug addiction: you can not only relieve symptoms, it is necessary to change the lifestyle, habits, circle of friends, a hobby – to change the flow itself of consciousness, introducing into it new and positive patterns (yoga, sports, harmony, self-development, success, etc. )..

If for a moment believe the above (or at least prevent such a point of view), it becomes clear why holistic psychophysical state correction system, such as Yoga and Qigong, are often more effective in solving problems with the spine, than medication or operational impact.

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As for yoga, the correct approach to the spine is practiced in many schools of yoga, as in the classic: Bihar School Satyananda Saraswati
Sivananda Yoga , BKS School Iyengar – and, of course, “our” home: this school Boiko , A. Pakhomov, S. Agapkina, Egorov, E. Ulmasbaevoy and others. The total time that brings these schools is to work in groups yogaterapii where do people with spine problems. Firstly, the work of these groups helps to avoid further exposure to traumatic (as would “freeze” the current status), and secondly, helps to work hard to seize the situation. One of these factors without the other does not work. Because, of course, in case of problems with the spine is dangerous to walk in the usual group of yoga (you can hurt yourself), and secondly, it is necessary to think 10 times before, to resort to any extreme, copyright, treatments.

Yoga will help bring back a healthy back! 6

The main directions of the correction of the spine, apart from exceptions to the hard impact on the already affected its structure, will be the development of the correct patterns of behavior (the construction of proper skeletal position – which, in fact, keeps the weight) in static and then in dynamics.
By performing the respective postures (static item) is traction (extension) of the spine, and gradually formed its position correctly, and using the dynamic key strengthened separate muscle groups. First, commonly used symmetrical postures, then deepening effect, individually assigning asymmetrical postures to compensate muscular structure flaws.

The muscles surrounding the spinal column, yoga methods stretched (removing blocks), then strengthens and teach their deliberately weaken (including make deep relaxation with deep blocks).
Also, you must learn to coordinate movements with the breath – and, later, his delays. In parallel, there is a check and correction of behavioral patterns: how people used to stand, sit, work, sleep, walk, crouch (especially lifting even light weight – stack of magazines or shopping bag, etc.) – all this is very important. Sometimes even just the right relaxation on the back of 10-15 times a day, or a change of workplace with seating on the upright (like the counter) really helps to relieve pain!

Of course, a huge reservoir of work with the spine in yoga lies in the obscure to the uninitiated sphere of Raja Yoga: yoga of work with consciousness.
As we have said, the root of the problems with the spine can be conscious or even subconscious. Low self-esteem, as is known, can generate incorrect posture (especially in adolescence). Psychological trauma – always psychophysical trauma, and vice versa: for example, if someone got in an accident or severely injured at some point in their lives, then along with the problem at the level of the gross physical body is created that in yoga theory called “klesa” – a kind of “knot in memory” on the body of prana, energy. Working with the correction of the spine must include not only a symptomatic therapy (injections, tablets) and correcting posture (asana), narabatyvanie underdeveloped segments of the muscular system (
asana , vinyasa), but also the formulation of proper breathing (pranayama), relaxation and exploration skills ( Yoga- nidra ), and then – a qualitative transition to a new healthy way of thinking and interacting with the world, the people, their work, etc.

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Working with conscious in
the spine yogaterapii also includes deceleration conscious movements retention static postures with distribution in the whole body (or maximum concentration at specific predetermined points, sometimes chakras yoga nidra (deep relaxation of the whole body and the emotional sphere), “Co-Ham-meditation” and other respiratory monitoring equipment even if the energy flows ( Praana -type, Brew yoga). Naturally, all of these techniques, especially the latter, it is best to get in close personal work with a specialist.

Finally, the man gradually help to enter the state of ”
A. Sidersky ). In many modern schools of yoga, such as Swami S. Saraswati V.Boyko, A.Pahomova so “thin” and seemingly inconsequential moments of well-deserved considerable attention is paid to what determines, ultimately, long-term positive spine therapy.

In general, I want to stress once again: if you have severe back problems, the traditional medicine and the relief of acute state injections \ tablets has not been canceled (! Sometimes it is critically necessary), but after the crisis as a pay very close attention as soon as possible on yogaterapii techniques or go to a group of Qigong for the spine.
It is these effects of the system will give the best results and, ultimately, to make you healthy, full, strong and free man, not a hospital patient for life.

Author: Alex Sokolowski

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