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Yoga – the basis of practice

The main message of this article – to inspire, to let be born conscious movement, first of all in agreement with me.
Ambient conditions in this – become secondary; system names, terms – is the external reference points, indicating a certain way to pay attention to what is usually observed in the normal rhythm of life.

There are no words to say with certainty what the
Yoga , one can only describe some of the faces. One of the meanings of Yoga – “CONTACT” link the original source, which is the Absolute Truth and the cause of all the manifested and unmanifested. Just as in the airspace the planes enough to navigate visually to safely navigate, they need to be in touch with the dispatcher – and as a person, without regard to its source – often experiences recurring difficulty. Finding this connection, and is one of the aspects of the practice.

Put simply, yoga in my life seen as a practice in which the prescribed posture, breathing rhythms, cleaning procedures, limit behavior, the direction of attention and feelings.
In other words – practice involves changes both on a conscious and unconscious level! How to make these changes intelligently and harmoniously – this is something what makes sense to understand. If you look at the interpretation of ancient sources and correlate them with the realities and possibilities of our lives – the idea may be that yoga is simply not for me … The answer is – yes and no at the same time. If you look only at the external form – if not – it may not be possible to repeat here so soon. If we look at the fact that the practice is focused on the change of consciousness – and this is what will be – then the road is open, and the answer is – YES, yoga is available in any case at any time, when we manage to think about it, in the hall on the mat or on the road, at home or at work. External circumstances are secondary.

yoga leads to the improvement of the physical body, mental capacity, but it is a secondary effect, as the most important value – filling the life force, creative potential – the acquisition of integrity and a better understanding of his life.
The practice increases the ability to capture subtle sensations, continuously coming from the systems of the body, the soul, to understand them! This is a more harmonious on the path of evolution, in accordance with the continuous transformation of the universe.

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We learn simple things, learning, exploring, knowing himself and arousing more and more open and honest relationship with the world, developing the ability to navigate the currents of life, trusting, accepting.

The practice of yoga strengthens the connection between consciousness and the body, improves the ability to listen to yourself, relax the mind, which naturally strengthens the body and the mind, opens and cleans the energy channels.

● Beginning yoga, you must realize what I aspire to, what I want to achieve than to fill his life.
This can be anything you want, any sphere of life, there is no limitation to desires! When we turn from the usual pace of life to engage in entry on achieving unity with the universe, in the most favorable form – necessary for some time to stop all movement, move focus from the usual stream of thoughts and internal processes to the absolute silence, allowing yourself to simply watch without interfering with any will, no evaluation, no thoughts. Resting on any manifestation of the will, aspirations, feelings and outside influences now you – alone with yourself, and you – the most precious person in your life, because you and your choice depends on how full and happy is your life and the lives of people , close to you!

The general principle can be described as conscious of aspirations, desires, motivation – eliminate all on the implementation of the form of binding and fixing, separating the feeling of his fortune on external factors – awaken appeal to the universe as a striving for unity, understanding itself in these internal manifestations.

Yoga classes may be accompanied by a nice soothing music, sometimes relaxing, sometimes filling and inspiring, but it is a nice addition, not a key.
It leads us above all our spirit, and we strive to ensure that it could be shown in full, regardless of external events.

Every person – is unique, so use a certain system, without regard to their features – can be inefficient.
It is when the mind is calm, you can hear yourself speaking with love and attention to him, as a child, who has long been bored without you and eager to communicate with you. Strengthening this connection – a major component of the practice. Preserving the state, we start with simple movements, playing with the body, combining movement, fixation, breath, focus of attention, consciousness into a coherent stream. A series of stretching, compression, twists and deflections in order that the body would come back to life, to arouse interest in watching the simple actions of the state of completeness. Everything great is born with a simple.

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Some time should be given to strengthening the flow of life force, Prana, flowing through the body.
This can be achieved through a special filled with
full breathing yogis mentally inhaling pleasant coolness of the infinite space around.

During the sessions we make sure that the movements, breathing, feeling, a state of mind, thoughts, emotional manifestations are balanced and closer to our original nature, the Eternal single source, because of the whole …

When you feel the tone, ease – this is a good condition for further movement.
Now you can explore a variety of body positions (asanas).

Criterion done correctly for you asanas is not a form of body position and balance to the limit of their borders, in which you can stay for a while, keeping the deep quiet breathing, feeling the effort tension or compression in the bends, cycling just muscles, deepen the asana by releasing the rest .

● Primary immobility, static.

The physical body is the most stops, breathing slows down, everything is toned, tightened muscles, and are subject to our will.
Sometimes you can completely let go of volitional tension, effort, desire to do the right thing, and allow yourself to be as it is, in the adoption and agreement. When external immobility – increased awareness finer movement, which is now becoming apparent. At this time, the muscles and tendons develop and strengthen the body and mind possible – expand.

● From the stillness comes movement, dynamics.

When an image is formed by the following provisions and has come a sense of readiness – begins a movement in accord with self-awareness.
The overflow from one position to another, every moment of the movement – belongs to the previous and the following provisions. It’s part of the asanas in this movement manifested stillness and balance. Immobility speed stability, sense of self, united with each other.

Movement is born from the state interest in the invisible depths of feelings, actions – movement filled with creativity come alive, become more elegant, graceful.

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Then comes the time for the body to strengthen and develop the next level of the asanas from simple – to difficult.

load amplification in this state is desirable, the body itself asks this, but if the desire is not – it is better to go back – at a time where there was resistance, balance, unity with them.
It is possible to completely stop everything and relax, let go of the consciousness in the free movement of contemplating the breath and the inner being.

In simple or complex body positions – one primary – the presence of attention from the step of pre-steps, in the initial position, the state of stability, integrity – and expanding it in subsequent efforts in movement and immobility.
Thus – no primary outer shape, and a stable feeling in the predetermined area of ​​the body, gradually increasing – to the boundary overvoltage and loss of physical stability or internal loss of unity with itself. If the state is expressed as “I suffer” – then the situation is simplified, there will come the state, “I am.”

● At the end there is calm, relaxation, energy, fills us, ordered and distributed, for what would be – to accompany us in our further activities, allowing to feel more freedom, a new look at the world and people around us.

Practice, performed in the morning – allowing for the day to be more productive, stay in good shape, good mood, coping effectively with the problems on the way to achieving their goals.
If not enough time for sleep – certain body positions complexes can create explosive vivacity for the whole day, even if the dream had to be reduced by an hour.

Practice, performed in the evening – lets take the stress out of the day, calm the mind, to restore a positive attitude, free from anxiety.
With the right mind goes towards excessive appetite.

During continuous practice – you get stronger, fitter, stronger willpower;
increased well as other mental characteristics, integrity, self-sufficiency; cnizhaetsya dependence on external displays that allows you to build better relationships with loved ones, friends, co-workers; Reduced dependence on addictions. The width of the opportunities of practice allows everyone who wants to enrich their lives, regardless of age, health, occupation, faith.

Author: Master Yoga Constantine Dolbak

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