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Creative Photography The poetry of the image


Creative Photography. The poetry of the image


“Creative Photography. Poetry image “Chris Orwig. Anaya Multimedia

I guess you miss find in this blog Personal Development, Professional and sports a recommendation from a picture book, when normally what you find is the review of “other” books. We are too prone to tag and label us, so in this space, we will open the window to experiment with new themes and lines. In this case, moreover, it would be fully justified because, as you know, I have a workshop on “Emotional Photography and Mindfulness” in which, in addition to learning photography, we learn to manage our emotions through image and describe and “play” with our emotional process through photography.

In this regard, I want you here one of those picture books that “out of the ordinary” For now, nothing find its cover with such a suggestive title, want to “dive into the pool” and exercise it, because a picture book , not only to read, but rather, camera in hand, spread thinly over its pages.

“Creative Photography. Poetry picture “photographer Chris Orwig a book you find another way to approach the photographic done by performing a complete workshop in which the exercise of playing with your camera is essential of it.

After an introduction in which Chris shows us how we develop and work in the workshop, hand leads us on a journey into the poetic experience of photography where there is much room for creativity.

Also, as in any book or photography workshop that price, the author teaches us very entertaining, the technical side of the camera. In fact, as a painter, if you do not know the brushes and colors, you will not be exercising in front of the canvas. For in the world of image, it is also necessary to have a good training both on the camera itself, as those other elements that you will encounter along your experience as a photographer or photographer.

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The final part of the book, which actually is a whole creative photography manual is an entertaining reason for the different subjects work of a photographer. Portrait, children and family, ceremonies, travel and nature and a good section of creative photography.

Spaces to know what camera equipment have and the way to become a professional, are the latest chapters the author outlines a manual that can become your reference in the field of photography.

And workshop Emotional Photography and Mindfulness, the book teaches us to look and especially to observe.

A must for those who want to initiate you into the field of photography or for those who love books and have a nice background and ye expand knowledge and, especially, point of view.

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