Alpha and Theta levels Reach With the Silva Mind Control Method

Reach Alpha and Teta levels with the Silva Mental Control Method 3

Method Silva Mind Control allows you to reach deeper levels of the mind, Alfa and Teta . But what are they and how this will benefit you in your personal and professional life? According to scientific research, the brain has trillions of nerve cells that emit small electrical currents, called ondascerebrales, which are altered with changes in states of consciousness. There are several types of brain waves emitted in different states of consciousness: Beta, Alpha, Theta
and Delta.

Beta brain wave is produced during the waking state, a rapid irregular rhythm. It is the state of restless mind of anyone. You can alter much if you’re nervous. In the high Beta waves conflicts may arise because not
get understanding and dialogue.
While the Alpha wave is much slower, steady and rhythmic, with more amplitude and energy. It is emitted by the brain during sleep on the mental state of serenity.

These waves, although the mind is calm and balanced, are not passive but calm and alert. In moments of creative inspiration, relaxation or meditation, the brain emits alpha waves.
During meditation and relaxation, brain waves are immediately transformed, from the fast pace of Beta Alpha quiet. And with the continued concentration, energy level increases. In meditation and deep relaxation, the Alfa gradually become slower and powerful waves theta rhythm. And to reach the state of super consciousness Teta with Silva Mind Control Method, the mind is flooded with creative ideas and inner joy.

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In addition, the Silva Mind Control Method helps you use intuition to make the right decisions

to achieve the goals that you have raised in your life. Being an intuitive person, you will connect with inspiration and creativity.

The good news is that you do not need a lot of training to reach the deeper levels of Alfa, as the Silva Mind Control Method can accomplish in a few days.