Relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises 3

Relaxation exercises

For our body and mind relax is a need that you must fight to be happier, but in these times seems more like a luxury … And we must prevent that remains the case.

Find tranquility has become a difficult task: work, studies, traffic, pending tasks, stress, noise … We live a mile a minute and do not know when to say bast a.

But you need to be relaxed to live better . And that is a reality that all experts share.

So from the Silva Method we share you want three years of relaxation that will allow you not only give your body and mind the rest they deserve, they will help you live longer and better and especially to be happier.

Why do relaxation exercises?

It is proven that relaxation helps us better ourselves .

But often we do not know how to relax by ourselves, so it is important to have other techniques or exercises that help us relax.

When you perform relaxation exercises back the balance in your body .

Basically, deep breathing helps reduce stress hormones decrease your heart rate, lowering blood pressure and relaxing your muscles.

Besides the physical effects, several studies have shown to be relaxed also increases energy and focus, combats illness, relieves pain, increases the ability to solve problems, and makes you more motivated and productive.

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And best of all, with just a little practice anyone can get these benefits.

Those are just some of the reasons why relaxation exercises are important.

Soon you more about them.

Relaxation exercises

Here we shared three relaxation exercises.

All three are based on meditation : the perfect place to quiet your mind, melt stress and anxieties, and eliminate worries ally.

Moreover, meditation helps you increase your potential, creativity and problem solving skills.

You can even use it to relieve headaches and migraines, relax parts of your body that are in tension and even get in touch with your intuition.

All this and much more you can learn to do with the Silva Method, which has more than six million graduates worldwide and has helped thousands of people change their lives dramatically.

It has the backing of science and was created specifically to help people to have the life you always wanted: from relax and live more fully realize their full potential and get where they always wanted.


And now that you know a little more about meditation, here you share 3 exercises.


EXERCISE 1: Breathe and feel

1. Choose a place in your home where you can be comfortable and without anyone interrupting you during the next few minutes: may be the garden, a chair in the dining room or bed.

2. It is not necessary to purchase a special position, but what you feel and keep your spine straight.
This will help keep you awake and have a good breath.

3. Close your eyes and pick a focus point. It can be a word, an object or a simple phrase like “today I feel happy.”

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4. Breathe deeply, focus on your breathing, repeat the word or phrase. And then slowly you will enter a state of relaxation and well – being with yourself.



1. Find a comfortable, quiet place and start listening to music that generates a state of tranquility in you (here you can see a list of the right music for meditation).

2. First you will focus on your breathing for a few minutes, then you’ll focus on each part of your body until you feel that part is relaxed.

3. When you are in an advanced state of relaxation you begin to slowly move to the beat of the music, as the music is playing you demand it . You can walk, move your arms, your head and your legs.

4. When the music ends but still left your body totally relaxed, without tension. On the count of 3 deep breaths you open your eyes.

This is an exercise that can take a few minutes but will help fuel your day. Every day you can make a different technique. You will see the results!



1. Breathe deeply and focus on your breathing.

2. First feel your feet. Displays the voltage of your feet, as if this was some kind of energy that circulates at high speeds through the parts of your body. What you do is open an exit door to all that energy.

3. When power has already been “drained off ” of the party in question’ll open another door where you enter another energy, different, new, fresh, can visualize this energy with these characteristics, can be green and bright.

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4. will empty every part of your body contaminated energy and open the door to new energy.

5. When you finish deep breath and repeat “I feel totally renewed.”

These three relaxation exercises are really powerful and can cause big changes in you.

In addition, they will help you carry out meditation, so you have no excuse not to relax … Try it! ????

And before closing, we would like to have your opinion: What are your main obstacles when relax? Create new material based on your answers!

Remember: the body and mind need to relax for you to be happy .

And you, how do you like to relax? Which of these exercises goes with you? We hope your answers!