Mind Control: Relax the mind in the water

Learn to meditate in water

Think of a place that allows you to relax for a few minutes but both revitalizes you.

A place to recharge, where you away from the bustle for a few moments, a place that allows you to relieve stress and relax the body but at the same time renew your energy.

What would be the ideal place for you? Where would you look for that moment of relaxation?

The truth is that there is an ideal option that achieves all that and more: a relaxing swim .

The shower is one of the most simple, effective and quick to relax the body and mind, while serving to recharge ways … But although there are many who are given a shower or bath with intent to relax, rarely it is directly related to the rest of mind.

Do you think so? Would you like to know how to make something we have so handy as the shower to bring off your thoughts and relax mind and body?

A few days ago we share the excellent practice of meditation as you walk, today we offer an alternative full of benefits: meditate on the water.

The benefits of meditating on the water

We showered for hygiene, but often also take advantage of those moments of privacy to evade the stress of everyday life and have a few minutes to ourselves.

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And the truth is that water provides many benefits would be illogical to ignore them.

First, remember that 70% of your body is water … What then expect the contact of water on our body?

A good bath does relax thanks to the sound of water, but also motivates us, inspires, and gives clarity to the ideas. Also, it’s a good emotional stimulant.

When you need to relax, get away from reality for a few minutes or replace batteries … try to give you a relaxing bath. It is incredible how much it can do for you!

Still, you must remember that it is not a substitute for meditation, but rather a nice complement to that sumes your relaxation habits.

Note that meditation not only relax, but also helps develop intuition, enhances creativity, improves physical and emotional health, connects you with your inner self and you serves as a springboard to achieve the life you want.

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In the absolutely free you will learn everything you need to improve your life, and teach you how to meditate on Alfa thanks to the famous Alfa centralization exercise.

But … what if all that you will also sumarás the incredible benefits of water?

Think for a moment that words like stress, tension and fatigue disappear with water sliding over your body … And all that to make way for more pleasurable sensations as peace, harmony and wellbeing.

Thousands of people use the shower to escape reality. Now, you can also use this powerful element of nature to relax your mind and be like new.

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Shower: morning or night?

Some shower each morning, and the truth is that it is ideal for those who usually start the day with laziness and difficult to pick up the pace to routine.

Instead, some prefer the night to enjoy a shower, which is excellent for those who end the day tired, exhausted and accumulated stress.

A shower in the active morning and evening relaxing and even promotes relaxation and sleep.

But besides all that, the truth is that many times when in contact with water we fly our thoughts and make mental lists of everything that we already did or what remains to be done.

The shower is ideal for all that time if we believe it appropriate, but also very comforting to spend a few minutes the sound of water no longer think of anything. That relaxes, active, helps the mind and affects the body.

Relaxation exercise in water

Want to try the benefits of water? We share a simple and practical meditation exercise for your well-being is even greater.

1. No matter if you prefer a refreshing shower either hot, warm or cold; or if instead are someone who opts for a foamy bath where the sound of the bubbles is the only able to break the silence.

Whatever your case: create a spa to your liking, turn off the lights or decreases its intensity, place a candle if you like, listen to soothing music if you prefer, choose the ideal temperature … and forget the time!

2. While you undress and wait until the water is at the ideal temperature for you, take deep and long breaths.

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Concentrate on breathing and exhaling, that will help slow your mind and calm your thoughts.

3. Enter the shower and it focuses your attention water temperature.

Take note of how you feel, concentrate on the scent of soap and appreciate the refreshing shower sensations offer.

If your mind is lost in thoughts, take a deep breath and let go. Bring your attention to meditation.

4. Imagine that water is a pure light; cleaning that alleviates your worries, and drag them to the drain.

Still taking long, deep breaths while doing your body and get ready for the day, for meditation or to sleep if it is night.

5. The time has come to end the shower, but no further increase your well – being. Therefore, this is an ideal time to offer gratitude.

Concentrate on things that are good in your life, everything that makes you feel good, or memories that make you draw a smile on your face. The sensations are amazing!

He thinks that transform bath time a relaxing time is a treat for your body and your mind. You deserve dedicate that moment of total relaxation.

What do you think of this exercise? You Prove to relax your mind in the water to add benefits to your daily meditation and your quality of life?

Tell us what you think of it, if you tried, & share your concerns and opinions. As always, we love to read you.

And do not forget: water produces hundreds of benefits to your body and your mind, so … use that to your advantage! ????