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Yoga helps to quit smoking

Yoga helps to quit smoking 3

Yes, yoga
helps to quit smoking. I myself smoked for 5 years, 2 packs of strong cigarettes per day, and in the first 2 months of yoga practice quit smoking. Since then, it took more than 12 years, I have been teaching yoga 2-3 times a day, and go into the mountains at 5000-6000 m without problems. But yoga does not help as you can imagine: there really is no “secret mantra” or “secret Tibetan breathing practice” “smoking”!

Yoga itself, as a whole, helps to stop smoking, creating a healthy environment: a healthy body and a healthy mind.
In fact, any medication techniques and techniques of direct suggestion (hypnosis, coding) – in the long run lose yoga, precisely because they do can not give. Value yoga practices – more subtle and not obvious – that they are the first “activate” the will of the man himself, to help him and to mobilize their forces to overcome the habit.

Just clean up the habit – with no work on the consciousness of those traits that are nurtured pernicious attachment ineffective.
If a person loves fried, it is useless to simply clean the liver (even dangerous), it must first set yourself ( “carrot”, and then “whip”) on the other, more pleasant taste – and after that clean the liver and live a healthy and happy. So it is with smoking: it is necessary to pull out the root of the habit.

Yoga method minus for smoking cessation – that it is necessary to apply a consistent effort to work on themselves (rather than passively ‘undergo detox “), but the result is likely to be final.
Quit smoking with the help of yoga, there is practically no chance to smoke again: simply no reason, the very “logic” smoking “breaks”, except that the whole pyramid collapses habits from top to bottom. The person begins to breathe, walk and move, talk and think differently. Often, it is changing a circle of communication and ways of spending free time.

What is so doing yoga that helps to quit smoking?
Arsenal yoga in this plan is actually very extensive, and do not even need to use all methods at the same time, it is enough to take one or two, or find their own “set” methods, which give quick results. Of course, a good start to take advantage of the expert advice, visit the special yoga workshop for those who quit smoking (such as now is in Moscow and other cities), but you can cope myself. The biggest plus to quit smoking with yoga in this: you throw
your own, and it further provides an understanding of what you can change in your life is literally everything , and not just to quit smoking once and for all! Yoga changed once the whole person, not just cleans the lungs and blood vessels. Your whole life will be healthier and cleaner, believe me.

Yoga techniques and approaches that help to quit smoking:

Kundalini yoga gives 1) the strengthening of the will, and 2) very bright sensations that just make pale and “dry out” all the behavioral patterns and habitual ways of obtaining pleasure (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes).

Kundalini yoga is suitable or strong spirit, or desperate, who have no options: the death of an addiction or a healthy, strong and vibrant life. Also, if a person has a strong mind (in other words, it is a “smart”), Kundalini Yoga techniques to help him, too: a strong consciousness will help in a short time to mobilize the will. Because of the “rags” with a bunch of bad habits intelligent man for a couple of months “transformed” in the “bodybuilder will” that can throw any habit in the two accounts, and then become another “winner” of life. Kundalini yoga to cope with even the most inveterate habits and eerie. In addition, this method (as well as other approaches to yoga) is very good for health. There are many cases when a person of a drug addict or an alcoholic in a year turns into a teacher of yoga, which then helps hundreds of thousands of people to overcome their fears and become stronger. It is no exaggeration to say that the probability that you can get rid of the habit of smoking with the help of Kundalini – is 100%.

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Yoga Nidra . Very roughly Yoga Nidra can be compared with autogenous training (AT), but Yoga Nidra “digs” into the subconscious deeper. Yoga Nidra Method literally “erase”, “reformats” aspects of the person you selected to be erased, and “writes” a new, positive in their place. It can be a matter of weeks to quit smoking with the help of Yoga Nidra; thus it is necessary to apply this technique 2-3 times a day during the first month, and as often as possible in the future (after the habit will disappear quite 1 per day and then 2-3 times per week 1 time per week to maintain “forms”, then the need will disappear).

Method advantages that such training does not cost anything (can be done by an audio recording of your own), and the method is completely in your hands: it then can be used for personal growth – to improve memory, enhance the positive qualities of character, etc.
In addition, quitting smoking with
Yoga Nidra , it is not necessary to apply the effort – it is, we can say the exact opposite of Kundalini Yoga! You just meditate for 2-3 hours every day, putting themselves in the subconscious mind that you do not feel the urge to smoke, and all – this is similar to the method that is shown in the famous blockbuster “Start» (Inception): you “embed” themselves the subconscious is very deep in the depths – the idea of a healthy lifestyle. And waking up, after meditation – you have another person! The effects of the method are very individual: someone (people with a vivid imagination, impressionable) may require just 1-2 sessions, someone – ten hours of meditation. But the method definitely works. It is proved that this method can learn a foreign language for a dozen years, and even used (in India) for the rehabilitation of criminals, making them good men; method is very powerful. Often much more powerful and more reliable than the “sanctification” of traditional Western medicine “coding”: here you are doing it yourself, and control the entire process “and from”. There is no “snap” to a therapist, and you do not pay money to anyone. You only need a primary specialist advice on choosing Sankalpa – ‘strong determination formula “or” install “- that will determine the success of your actions in Yoga Nidra.

Pranayama. Breathing Yoga exercises are very helpful to quit smoking. In fact, pranayama works not only by the light, and to a large extent to the so-called “Vayu-tattva” – subtle “wind” energy in the body, which “decides” how we enjoy our body. Of course, smoking – is not the most healthy way to remove the body from the fun! A breathing – natural, natural, inherent in the very nature of our pleasure channel. Try to hold your breath for 1-2 minutes, then take a slow breath – and feel how sweet just breathe ! The same feeling, only more subtle and soft, give breathing practices of yoga. Pranayamy 1) was purified from the lungs resins; 2) update the congestion in the lung cells, activate the lower parts of the lungs; 3) make it possible to increase the amount of light to the physiological norm and more; 4) was purified from the blood of toxins; 5) accelerate metabolism, strengthen immunity, give vivacity; 6) make it possible to visually monitor the process of cleansing the body from the effects of smoking. For those who just quit smoking or quit recently, recommended special simplified technique called “Sahaja Pranayama”, “lightweight pranayama.” The fact that the performance of pranayama ground level can be very “Shake” the toxins in the “polluted” the body by smoking, that will cause the rapid release of toxins into the blood, and that, in turn, will cause a range of side effects: headache, nausea, and rarely can even lead to fainting. It is very important to start breathing practices of yoga gradually! Doing this is desirable under the personal guidance of a knowledgeable teacher who gives lessons on Pranayama. Unlike the physical practices of yoga, breathing techniques do not provide a quick response in the body, if improperly performed, so the technique errors can “accumulate”, which is potentially dangerous to health. But it’s just a word of warning, in fact, the practice of pranayama under the supervision of a qualified yoga is safe and not difficult.

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Pranayama purification process will take several months.
But eventually you will begin to breathe “full breast” and not just forget about smoking. In place of the surface, “frail” smoker’s breath comes a healthy, deep breathing. Pranayama also indirectly very good for the heart and the digestive system, and brain. In Kundalini Yoga has its own (similar) pranayama, but if you do Yoga Nidra, you should also do pranayama classical hatha yoga (and at first Sahaja Pranayama) to gain exposure: attacking on two fronts, you “perepolzete” period turbulence in the shortest period of time and enter the “calm waters” within 1-3 months. Practice pranayama six months, you will find that you can quickly walk or run without dyspnea (running on all escalators in the subway, not knocking the breath), go to the mountains without discomfort, exercise, smell the sharper and thinner, and generally full of energy and energy. These are the first pluses pranayama, and with regular practice you will become an advanced yogi.

Meditation. In rare cases, it can help even just one meditation . If your mind is sharp initially, you will achieve rapid progress in meditation, leading to a rapid integration of the personality and literally “erase” all the negative habits. Meditation master controls all the “automatism” of his body and mind, and not only gets rid of old patterns of behavior disharmonious, but never acquire new ones in the future. What happens is that in yoga is called “removal” or “deletion”, “burning”, “samskaras”. The meditator simply “nevkusen” demons of bad habits. Samskaras – this behavioral patterns that govern our lives (like “I love watching TV at night,” “can not live without coffee”, “I – an owl,” “I smoke”, etc.). Any habit can “browse” and removed by means of meditation … But in fact, most people have mastery of meditation on such a serious level takes months, if not years. And we need a quick result. Therefore it is necessary to practice meditation as a side, a further method – in parallel with the other 1-2. Meditation gives you: peace of mind, self-control, a sense of satisfaction and contentment, inner strength, unbending intent (including overcoming difficulties or habit), helps to better feel my body and all of the processes occurring in it, and “scan” and ” purify “the space of thinking, do not go at them on occasion. At the master level meditation gives full control over the mind, habits, behavior, breathing, movement and behavioral patterns. Quit smoking, having mastered the meditation – is not difficult, all the “battle” going on in your head, and do not take physical effort. We can say that the path of meditation – the razor’s edge, and it is easy and dangerous at the same time. For maximum effect, we recommend a visit to the meditation retreat seminar “Vipassana”, he held all over the world for those who want to learn how to meditate, and usually resolves within 7-10 days of full immersion (with accommodation at the venue of the seminar).

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Finally, a word of encouragement to those who quit smoking!
You know, actually, to quit smoking is not difficult. And it is not hard. The effect of “breaking”, “withdrawal” for smoking cessation – very, very small, if there is. Its capability is often greatly exaggerated by those who are thinking about quitting smoking! “Not so devil as he is painted.” In fact, often there is no “break-up” (as opposed to drug addicts and alcoholics), many quit smoking does not happen, it is a fact. The man himself can not help but notice how was the “first terrible week” or even a month, and was surprised to discover that
quitting smoking – easily ! For example, despite the fact that I smoked 5: 2-3 packs of strong cigarettes per day, when I decided to quit and just bought another carton of cigarettes, I locked the house and spent a week at home doing yoga – I was not breaking! So just a little dizzy the first day – much like the first cigarette of the morning! That’s all. But the practice of yoga is still very important for the support, it does not “break”, aims to provides the logic and direction of changes in your personality, and gives strength to move on. After all, when you stop smoking, releasing enormous potential; and health, and energy, and free time, and space in mind – and where to send this wealth, it is better determined by using the tools offered by the yoga. Quit smoking can be and without the help of yoga, it is a fact. But quitting smoking with yoga, you can soon “unconsciously” to find himself in a more harmonious whole person: for a decent work in greater harmony in personal relationships, more effective and happier person than ever before! Yoga makes a man of the lord of his own destiny, which is to give up smoking – no problem. A man fascinated by yoga and not just dramatizing leaves behind little things of life, these trifles. And this is not mere allegations, the way it happens.

Author: Alex Sokolowski

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