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What are some good Yoga positions to try for a beginner?

What are some good Yoga positions to try for a beginner? 3

The bridge

Advanced level variant of the half-bridge, bridge or “bow”.

Position: Half-bridge, we place the palms of the ground on inverted wrists, then pushes on the hands to take off the chest, and lift the pelvis. The legs are bent.

Attention: Spread the weight of the body in a balanced way and keep the feet well parallel to each other. Never practice this cold posture.

Benefits : Stretching of the back, bust and arms, opening of the rib cage, stimulates the endocrine glands. Look to the ground.

The candle

Posture of the candle “Sarvangasana” (inversion):

What are some good Yoga positions to try for a beginner? 4



Lie on your back. Using the hands that support the back, lift the body by first folding the legs towards the plexus and then stretching them gradually to the sky. The body is perpendicular to the carpet. The chin is back to the throat.
By spreading the shoulder blades, it helps to verticalize the back.

Improves blood circulation, stimulates the thyroid and parathyroid glands, improves brain activity, fights constipation.

The corpse

Posture of the corpse “Savasana” (deep relaxation):

Position: Lying on the floor. Whole body released. Palms turned to the sky. Feet open to the outside.

Benefits : Relaxation and letting go.

This is a relaxation yoga posture. This phase, which usually concludes the session, is performed in a sitting or lying position. It is accompanied by slow, deep breathing, suggestions or very soft sounds.

Now that you’ve mastered 20 yoga positions, you can do yoga sessions all by yourself. You should quickly feel the benefits …

– The first asset of yoga is that it is practicable by all, men or women, young or old, healthy or not. It does not require special skills and depends above all on the will, the concentration and the perseverance that each puts to the postures and the sequences. Moreover, it does not require any particular philosophical or religious knowledge.

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– It then has many benefits for the body: muscle toning, relaxation, balance, strengthening of the abdominal area, decrease in fat mass …

– It also improves the overall health: elimination of toxins, stimulation of vital organs ( digestive, respiratory, sexual …), improvement of cardiac function and endurance …

– Thanks to the concentration and the will it requires, it plays a vital role on the mind. Stress and anxiety  gradually fade away, after a few sessions you feel a deep sense of well – being that affects your everyday life and your relationships with others.

With its success, yoga continues to evolve. Although the postures and sequences remain unchanged, there are more and more different teachings of yoga that combine postures, breathing exercises and meditation in a more or less energetic or soft, lively or calm way. The most common are the ashtangayoga (synchronization of the breathing with fast sequences of postures more and more demanding), the integral yoga (balance between postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation), the viniyoga (integration of the movement with the breathing) , prenatal yoga (suitable for pregnant women), bikhram yoga (practiced in a room heated to 40 degrees) …

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