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What do you think exactly when you meditate?

What do you think exactly when you meditate? 1

How to meditate?

The purpose of meditation is to reconnect with the Soul, the Divine, the Self. It consists in calming the thoughts, becoming the observer, and raising one’s consciousness towards God, the Universal Consciousness, the Plenitude, … The meditation brings many benefits, physical, psychic and spiritual and helps to soothe the internal and relational tensions.

Meditation of “Letters of Christ” (from letter 8)

When you meditate, adopt the position that is most comfortable for you. You do not need to do physical contortions. Rest and relax. Relax and relax all your limbs, including your head, neck, face, to a state of extreme slackness.

Before you begin meditation, prepare yourself with the awareness that you will make contact with the DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – both in your consciousness and beyond, transcending it – IT is therefore also far beyond than around you. Visualize exactly what it means.

Remember at all times that what you THINK is what you are going to tune into. Your thoughts are “spotlights” that will make contact with what you are looking for. Remember that every “thought” has its own vibrational frequency in consciousness. Believe it, know it, because it’s the truth. The more spiritual the thought, the higher the vibratory frequencies. The “forms of consciousness” embodied by the words are not visible but are “specific entities of being”. They possess the life of consciousness in them. They are attracted to similar “forms of consciousness”. The like attracts the like. Think “dog” and visualize what it means, and your thoughts will tune with the canine race.

Think of “UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS” or “DIVINE LIFE”, with the understanding of what it means to you – and your thoughts will be directed to the Universal Consciousness, the Divine Life.

First, before trying to enter into meditation, memorize the following prayer so that the words become yours. When you are perfectly relaxed, begin your meditation with this prayer. Say it slowly and visualize the meaning of each word to allow you to enter the word consciousness and allow the energy consciousness of the word to enter the depths of your self. As you utter this prayer, preferably close your eyes and look in the middle of your forehead.

“Father-Mother Life, you are my life, my constant support, my health, my protection, the perfect satisfaction of all my needs and my highest inspiration, 

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I beg you to reveal to me Your true Reality. It is your will that I be totally enlightened, so that I can become more aware of Your Presence in me and around me I believe and I know it is possible I believe that you protect me and keep me in LOVE perfect, I know that my ultimate goal is to express

yourself, by speaking to you, I know that you are perfectly receptive to my words because you are the universal loving intelligence that has so wonderfully conceived this world and manifests it in its visible form.

I know that by asking you to speak to me, I project a beam of light of consciousness into your Divine Consciousness and that when I listen you will penetrate my human consciousness and come closer to my spirit and my heart. more and more receptive. I entrust my being and my life to your care. ”

Every time you say and visualize this prayer, you create a form of spiritual consciousness that will become stronger and higher in vibrational frequencies, as the true The meaning of prayer deepens in your mind and heart and your perceptions rise.

After the prayer, relax deeper and let your mind drain as much as possible. If thoughts intrude, recite yourself gently “Divine Life” or “Father-Mother Life” and reassure your mind. When you feel yourself accessing a different, deep, deep state of consciousness that you hardly breathe, know that you are beginning to reach your goal. At the end of your meditation, always thank with joy and gratitude.

Meditation on breathing

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing. Feel the air coming in and out through the nostrils, feeling filling the lungs and coming out. To feel that air spread throughout the body with the blood, to feel that it nourishes the body, and that it evacuates the waste.Imagine that the air is bright, that it is light. At each inspiration, feel this light spread throughout the body. At each expiration, feel the dark waste come out with the breath.

Fill with light

Visualize above you a great stream of sparkling white light that penetrates the top of your skull and progressively fills your whole body, from the head to the feet. You can repeat during this time the word “purification” or any other suitable word or phrase.

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Meditation of the point of light (from Raja Yoga)

Visualize a point of light, between the eyebrows or in the middle of the chest. Realize that you are this point of light, the soul. Beyond the physical universe, there is an intangible dimension of subtle energy as well as a universe of light and pure silence, where souls are inherently incorporeal, in absolute peace and silence. This world beyond sound, action, thought and even consciousness represents the original home of all souls.

“I am a point, eternal, unique, beyond time and space, a point without geometric dimension, indivisible, pure energy … My thought focuses only on this infinitesimal point, on what I really am, and by this simple effort of concentration, I feel an incredible sensation of lightness, peace, freedom, and subtle power. ”

Harmonization of the chakras

Visualize one by one your chakras, from the first to the seventh: 1 perineal red, 2 orange under the navel, 3 yellow solar plexus, 4 green middle of the chest, 5 blue sky hollow of the throat, 6 indigo blue between eyebrows, 7 purple top of the skull. Visualize your chakras one after the other, like small suns with the corresponding luminous color, for a few minutes each. You can finish by visualizing a beautiful white light that rises in the column of the first center of energy, passes through all the centers until the seventh, and descends in rain around the body to return to the first center and start the circuit again.

Transcendental Meditation

The basis of transcendental meditation is the repetition of words chosen for their vibrations during meditation. This is very effective. The repetition of words makes it possible to condition one’s subconscious positively and to free oneself from the hold of collective understanding. This can allow you to freely choose the feelings you want to feel and not let you influence. Here are some words according to the situations: 

– Success: in the event of failure or fear of the failure, of not recognition of your value as much in the professional or family environment or relational
– Harmony: in case of chronic misunderstanding
– Peace: in case of conflict or dispute
– Abundance: in case of lack
– Wealth: in case of poverty or pecuniary concerns
– Love: in case of loneliness
– Health: in case of illness
– Safety: in case of fear
– Wonderful: in all situations.

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Repeat the word chooses. You will never repeat it too much. Let yourself be invaded by the vibrations of this word. It is also possible to repeat sentences. They must be short and positive. Here are some examples: 

– God thinks, speaks, acts and reacts through me.
– I put my burden on Christ in me.
– Divine justice prevails.
– Divine freedom is mine.
The Divine and harmonious solution is fulfilled.
– God is alone Presence and only Power.
– The invisible armor of Love surrounds me and protects me.

Harmonization to the planet

With closed eyes, after a few deep breaths, visualize at the heart level a ball of sparkling white light.Make this ball of white light grow so that it encompasses your body, then the room in which you are, then the building, the district, the city, the region, the country, the continent, and finally the whole planet.

Visualize the air and the atmosphere that become pure and transparent, the water of the oceans and rivers that cleans itself of all pollution and becomes a source of life again, the earth and mountains that become pure and free from any pollution. Visualize and feel the rocks and minerals that radiate energy, the vegetation that develops and radiates a beautiful emerald green, the animals that frolic happily in the water and on land, and finally the men who live harmoniously and happily on the planet.

Visualize and feel the deep love that binds minerals, plants, animals and people, with deep respect, joy and the consciousness of unity, to form a dream world of peace, love and love harmony. Finally, visualize the right planet in front of your heart, like a wonderfully living little sphere full of love and joy, and absorb that sphere into your heart, realizing that it is in you as much as you are in it.

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