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Guided meditation and its benefits.


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Meditation is a state where we put into the body and quiet the mind , it helps us to realize the quality of our thoughts and our emotions.

There are many types, you mention only a few: zen, contemplative, dynamic, Sufis, guided. The fundamental goal of any kind of meditation is to find your center and empower your mind , but this is only achieved through its constant practice

Guided Meditation

In this type of meditation we use the help of a person who can be our master or recordings can help us, who will give us directions. It is recommended that you are attentive to the voice of who is leading you and similarly suggested that if any thought comes you let it pass without stopping to analyze it again and again attention to recording.

Most guided meditations begin by giving instructions

Put yourself in a comfortable position, and slowly Encroach you into a state of deep relaxation, in this state the subconscious alert is which is beneficial and that is when you can take to give positive instructions to help you achieve goals your life either both physical health, and a professional or personal level.

They are accompanied by soft music or even of nature sounds like ocean waves, birdsong, the sound of dolphins, vibration of Tibetan bowls or glass and bells, fretboard and rain stick, the sound of these helps us to achieve harmonization of our being, stimulating the flow of positive thoughts.

If the practice consistently, you’ll get the result will be satisfactory since with every practice you’ll be teaching your mind to calm and patience will have more mastery of situations that commonly stressed.

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You may experience frustration because you could fall asleep or get lost in your thoughts but do not be discouraged you go dominating with constant practice.



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