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Twisting postures serve to detoxify the body. That’s why I recorded this video with 3 twists, so you can enjoy practicing yoga at home.

3 twisting postures to practice yoga at home

Torsion produce massage abdominal organs responsible for digestion, absorption and elimination. To keep practicing them and get a few minutes, will improve the functioning of your organs and the detoxification process.

At the same time, it is very important to help breathing in all this work, ensuring the highest level of blood oxygen, essential for the proper functioning of all organs and glands.

A step beyond the body

I feel it is very important to work in unison body-mind-emotions. It is no use to detoxify the body, if we also do not mind and emotions and for this I have written this article, to start a new year by releasing all that no longer need.

And this is not to reject things that happen to you or people around you, but from awareness and embrace the present moment as it is, we can also change our attitude to carry a much lighter and free life toxins, physical, mental and emotional.

The seven keys that will accompany you at work cleaning

Yoga at home to detoxify body, mind and emotions - MindYoga4U 3

When you want to get rid of things you no longer need, the solution is not to focus on it but what I do want to put in your life. So once you’ve seen everything you want to let go, put your attention and doors open his heart to what you want to let go. And remember you do not have to spend a month, a year or a lifetime. It can happen here and now. Understanding can come at a time, and that time may be now.

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To give the best to you and so you can give the best to others, focus on what you want and without expectations or hold on to a target, walks from now on that path you have chosen.

It might not be easy, but you’re on the road!

Do not get frustrated if you see the old thoughts return again and again. That usually happens. The mind is accustomed to it and does not want to get out of that comfort zone. Do you remember the saying “best old acquaintance who meet again?”. For the mind happens a lot.

However, every time you realize you’re in that old pattern, with kindness and love, redirects your mind to that which is your life now. Without judgment, without blame, because you’re doing great, you’re doing the best you know. And if you keep practicing, you’ll do much better each time.

When we do things for enjoyment, when we are aware of what we put in our lives because we experience, because it gives us a lot more than that old I let go, then everything becomes easier.

Seeks options and uses creativity

Imagine for example you want to stop eating animals and yet, you have no idea what to cook. If you eat food is tasteless, colorless, sad, because you will be much more difficult than if on the other hand, are looking for new recipes online, make tasty meals full of colors, full of life.

When you enjoy when you live the experience of what brings you this new life and welcome him with that natural joy, then the old and goes practically alone, without our attention.

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So say “yes” to enjoy and remember that we can also grow without going through the dark night of the soul. From the enjoyment, from joy, we can also grow.

A hug, heart.