15 habits to be happy

15 habits to be happy 3

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We all want happiness, we seek incessantly, as something alien to us and, not finding it, we lament our fate.

Error. Happiness is not something external, but as Elbert Hubbard said, is a habit and as such not to be found, but grow it .

In this post we offer 15 habits to be happy and improve your mood

Cultívalas and soon realize that despite the setbacks of life, will remain a happy person.

1. Rate life.

Have you ever stopped to calculate the odds of your own existence: they are tiny.

So we are grateful. Enjoy every sunrise and let’s face daily as children do: to look excited about the new things that we will discover.

2. Choose your friends.

Surround yourself with good people, optimistic and in love with life people. Thus each other contagiareis you happiness. In addition, you are sure to have a source of support whenever you need it.

3. Be a source of joy.

Try to fill light day for each person in your path. Help without control and without trying to change each other. Just as a mere act of generosity. Respect and kindness are faithful companions of true happiness.

4. Learn, learn and learn.

Keep up with the things you like. Learning is not child’s play, is the sign of a youthful mind regardless of the age of the body.

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Learning will open new horizons and lead you down paths you’ve never imagined. You dare?

5. creative.

Every problem you face is nothing more than an opportunity to develop your creativity.

Do not fall into self-pity, look what worries you face to face and let your imagination trusting your instincts. So sure to have a next level.

6. Do what you love.

It is estimated that e 80% of people have jobs they hate. Do your best to not be part of this statistic and if you feel that you can not give what you do for any reason, do not get depressed.

Looking time, you have (one day a week or five minutes) to do what you like. You will see a new optimism intoxicates your days.

7. Enjoy.

Depression is an excess of past and future anxiety. This is where the happiness has been, so live and above all enjoy it.

8. He laughs.

Smile at life and laugh at yourself is the best way to take with the seriousness they deserve. Nietzsche already said: “The maturity of man is to have rediscovered the seriousness with which he played as a child.”

9. Sorry.

Spite is a cannibal feeling. Forgive others and learn to forgive yourself.

10. Be honest and keep your word.

Honesty is the best policy to treat others and yourself with respect.

11. Dwell.

Meditation allows you to delve into ever deeper layers of yourself, know yourself better and activate your brain at a very special level. Find that type of meditation you like and practice it every day.

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12. Do not meddle in other people’s affairs.

Do not let them out into the dark world of criticism and gossip. Do not judge everyone, including you, have the right to live your life as you want.

13. optimistic, persistent and proactive.

You decide which battles you want and fight (happy people know where their limits are) and fight. Fight with strength, optimism and be persistent. Thus you will achieve trust yourself and get what you propose.

14. Cuídate.

Throughout your life, you only have a secure partner: you. Pamper yourself, love yourself and force yourself to keep both your body and your mind active.

15. And finally, Take responsibility.

If something teach us these habits it is that no one except you is responsible for your own happiness. So you’re not into self-pity and take a chance to be happy developing these strategies every day.

Sure each will be accompanied by a big smile. Would you like to share?