Your Brain Your Worst Enemy?

Your Brain Your Worst Enemy? 3

Make-Productivity-a-Habit-ARTHere you can download the exclusive report on

How your brain can become your worst enemy and stop you get everything you propose.

Important: first reads the report and then do the exercise.

Below is the sound Alfa I promised you, this sound will help you reach your ideal level for exercise.

Click here to download the sound Alfa

EXERCISE: Steps to find your current connections

1. Find a comfortable position. Starts or download the audio. Close your eyes.

2. Use the 3-2-1 countdown to enter the Alpha level.

Start taking a deep breath and displaying the number 3, 3 times. 3 is the willingness to put your body in a state of physical relaxation. Takes another deep breath and displays the number 2, 3 times.
2 is for mental relaxation. Takes another deep breath and displays the number 1, 3 times. At that time you will be at level 1 – the basic level ground where you can use your mind for any purpose you want. Take all the time you need every step until you feel totally relaxed.

3. Once you’re totally relaxed, start to imagine any experience you have had in the past and you would like to improve. This can be an experience of love, money, health or any situation you want. Returns to live with this situation and observe all the feelings that come to your mind. It is important not to judge your feelings, just accept them. (You can write in a notebook at this step if you want to, or immediately after the meditation is finished).

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4. Salt meditation counting from 1 to 5. Repeat to yourself that the count of 5 you wake up feeling fine and in perfect health, better than before.

It may be that this exercise not get clear answers the first time. you can always try this several times, until you find a very clear answer.

Awareness is the first and most important step to achieve any change. Face these truths can be a very emotional and difficult to cope process. Just remember, some of these embodiments can be difficult to accept and recognize, but it is best in the long run.

Coméntame about your experience and revelations, I would love to hear them!